What if Herb + Lani did something like THIS ? --

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Never mind the visuals. Just listen. Tune in, drop-out and float...
(This may be a bit too _far-out_ for some of you? : )

John & Eve Mclaughlin (Spiritual discovery) - Peace"

I love the sound of the
minor-11th chord that John's (then-)wife Eve plays on the acoustic 12-string guitar:
D + A + F + G+A + E (+C?)

Those pitches outline Dorian mode (rooted on the bass pitch of 'D')
-- Perhaps that is a bit, like "Maiden Voyage" or "Empty Faces" ("Vera Cruz"), maybe.

@ 1m00 mark, the music moves to the harmonic "IV" ('g' min. 11 or something).

1m15, it returns to the "i' ('d' min.11 chord).


Rhymes with Music

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-- Alternative post of the same audio:

John & Eve Mclaughlin - Peace [Studio 1974 - NYC Radio Session Radio Station recording date August 27, 1970]
Mahavishnu John McLaughlin - guitar, vocals
Mahalakshmi Eve McLaughlin - vocals, Autoharp, * 12 string guitar, bells.

Rhymes with Music

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My focus, and the intended purpose of this post of mine, here --
isn't about Sri Chinmoy or Eastern far-out mysticism , or any of that Jazz.

Instead, 'tis the music -- pure, and simple.

John McLaughlin's guitar soloing is straight diatonic
dorian mode, it seems.

-- Ooops, 4m19
a "C#" (raised 7th degree) -- an _accidental_?
(Actually, at that point in the music, the chord/mode is rooted on 'G' -- the "
iv", not the "i" -- either way).

Never mind the guitar soloing --
the vocals come in --


Rhymes with Music

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@ 5m27 (the 'v' -- 'a' min.9 (or 11?) )
Then, some
chord changes ensue ; no longer a modal harmonic structure?

To be serious -- this is spiritual and beautiful.
But maybe instead some other singers might be necessary for,
at least, some listeners to really enjoy it and understand its beauty.
Perhaps call this a musical ugly-duckling.

Perhaps Herb + Lani's voices could have blended together (in parallel octaves) to sing these vocal lines/parts.

Herb, and Lani are very spiritual. I pick up on it. I'm receptive. This isn't about any particular ideology or theology.

@ the end (where it's At ! ) it ends on an 'A'
Major triad.
9m41 duration
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