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When you first heard the Carpenters...


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This is my recollection as well; Karen was seen by many fellow teen boys as too "innocent" and "wholesome" to be seen as a "hottie". And as we know, sexualizing Karen wouldn't have fit with the image they were horseshoed into (though I am going to speculate that Karen wouldn't have wanted that, anyway).
I was attracted to the innocent/wholesome girl when I was 13 and am still attracted to the same version of a woman 50 years later though the odds of finding one has become a little more difficult!


Hello, I'm a new member, though I have been reading this blog/forum for years. It is a wonderful place to get information on a musical act that we all love. I have always been very interested in how people became fans of the Carpenters. I enjoy reading the banter that goes on between people on here, about Richard and Karen, and their personal opinions about what happened. Chicago and Carpenters were the first two music entities that I remember hearing. I was around 2 years old, but both bands have stuck with me. So, what was the first song that you heard from the Carpenters and what was your first reaction?
Nice to meet you!

The first song I heard was "Top Of The World" when my mom would listen to a bunch of songs during her free time. Funny you mentioned Chicago because if my Carpenters albums were placed with the rest of my music collection, it would be above Chicago!
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