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Who is this guy???


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On the positive side, he did always give credit to Karen’s vocal talent. I guess even the most hateful of critics can’t deny the truth. Horizon and Passage were his most complimentary. Superstar and Rainy Days and Monday’s received credit. It seems that he was disgruntled over their popularity since they were not his bag of musical style, yet he did brand them as solid musicians. He also seemed to give credit to Karen as a drummer, but in between the comparative insults, his favor is hard to find. Aside from Passage, which I believe he actually enjoyed, even highlighting Karen’s vocal expertise on I’ll Just Fall in Love Again, and every aspect of B’wana She No Home, he did give compliment to Tony Peluso’s guitar talent. Only Yesterday was his favorite from Horizon, which echo the same from fans on this site. Karen‘s vocals were complimented on each album to the point that there would not have been anything worth rating without her talent, which gave the twist to make the songs he hated the most, any redeeming value.


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This site has been around for years - I remember reading these a long time ago. It's clear from the other reviews on his site that the Carpenters are outside his typical musical tastes.

As Craig notes, although clearly the reviewer is not a fan or their music or their sound, there are still some positives given (on the Tan album, Horizon and Passage especially). In some ways it's quite interesting to see what someone who wouldn't have been a fan of their music in general thinks are their best moments - they're not always what the fans hold in high regard.


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Wow. A bored, hateful troll comes to mind.
To be fair, he does have a disclaimer of sorts... "If you are deeply offended by criticism, non-worshipping approach to your favourite artist, or opinions that do not match your own, do not read any further"...

He certainly has a lot of time on his hands, or did do when he wrote the reviews, but I think he just doesn't like the music. Not sure that makes him a hateful troll, although questioning a woman being allowed on the drums is a very bizarre question.

Sites like that a ten-a-penny and they don't achieve much or have much of a following I don't think, so they don't need to be worried about in my opinion.


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...he did give compliment to Tony Peluso’s guitar talent.
Not really. He complimented Louis Shelton instead. LOL!! Still, he did like the guitar work on "Goodbye to Love" - even though he has no idea who was actually responsible for it.


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"They never actually pretended that their music was something more than just innocent, inoffensive ear-candy for grandpas and housewives - and when you set your expectations to that level, they turn out to be the best in the genre. Now welcome onto the bashing."

Kudo's to his honesty, because after reading that intro, I knew it would be a waste of my time to read further.


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George, the author, can certainly be way too critical and negative, to the point of ignoring positives that are basically facts. Many of these reviews of artists were written in the early 00s. For some reason I enjoy reading some of his critiques even when I’m a fan of the artist and he’s being highly picky about what he doesn’t like (Queen, being one), but his Carpenters reviews strike me as him really not finding any appreciation in what he’s hearing and it feels mean spirited.
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