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Why no Record store day releases..?

New Horizons.

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Just wondering why there have never been any Carpenters or solo record store day releases.I would love to see a coloured vinyl or picture disc or 12".
Maybe a picture disc 7" of You/Two sides?
or a Karen solo 12" of My body keep changing my mind(poster included obviously).
Karens album in vinyl gatefold.(with poster).
I see so many releases by obscure band in limited editions of 250,500 or a 1000 copies.
I got the ABBA ones when released.
Surely some fans would buy.Most ABBA ones end up sold on ebay it seems so surely Carpenters or related would sell too in store on online..
50th Anniversary makes sense.
Dare I say a good way to put Karens unreleased demos out as a vinyl release.Karen Carpenter the unreleased demos.Does what it advertises and not after high chart positions.
What would you release?


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I feel that only 3 of the unrealesed solo work from Karen has merit of release, maybe 4. I think the others were just recorded for as a test to determine which would be chosen for fine tuning and further treatment.

I enjoy your other ideas but a vinyl release does not appeal to me. I think You would sound great with a symphonic instrumentation arrangement but so much today is digital. Even ABBA is moving toward digital visual illusion.

Most of Karen’s solo project has a light jazz/rhythm feel: at least the better ones and could be easily updated into today’s instrumentation with more focus on the background vocals. They are great songs and performed with excellence. I feel that their inclusion at the time may not have grabbed high chart appeal, but would have opened a new horizon with respect to her talent which would have reflected back into the Carpenters persona. Those type of records had more respect by musicians than chart appeal at that time. Maybe, Natalie Cole was the exception. (The Captain and Tennille had copied so much of a Carpenters sound that) Karen’s move into this new style was something that could not be easily copied for Karen’s voice had more versatility than most of their peers. I feel those songs will stand the test of time, just as the original Carpenters classics of the early years.


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I prefer most of the unreleased tracks from Karen's solo project to the ones eventually released, but recognise that most of them don't have completed lead vocals. Midnight, I Do It For Your Love, Something's Missing, It's Really You It's Really Me and Keep my Lovelight Burning are some of my favourites from the solo project. However, most of these have incomplete vocals or glitches in the lead vocals, such as Karen stopping singing for a second, so I'm sure they would never be released. Also, Karen sounds as if she needed to do a few more takes and put more energy into parts of them before they were releasable. Especially in the higher ranges of these songs, she is not her pitch-perfect self and her voice doesn't embody its usual beautiful tone as readily in those parts.

Nevertheless, the idea is a good one, New Horizons. My choices would be It's Really You, It's Really Me as No. 1, Midnight a close 2nd and a tie between I Do It For Your Love and Something's Missing, (although the latter would need some technological tweaking to an off-key vocal line).


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Something’s Missing is not out of tune. It’s just a bad reproduction. It is one of the best ones. Love Makin’ Love To You is the other. Those are definates to me. Then maybe Don’t Try To Win Me Back Again. And a far vote for Jimmy Mac. All the rest are too too high or need re-recorded. The others are good songs, but not good recordings for the full song. They have their good sides, but not throughout.
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