Why there was no NBC Records

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    Nope, The R&B group The Winstons ("Color Him Father" & "Love Of The Common People") from 1969, actor Butch Patrick ("I.O.I.O." remake of The Bee Gees song) 45 single from 1972, the rock group Circus ("Stop, Wait & Listen") from 1973, Elephants Memory ("Mongoose") from 1970 & The Hillside Singers ("I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" Coke commercial & "We're Together" from a McDonalds commercial) from 1972 also were on Metromedia. Matt Clark Sanford, MI
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  2. I believe other,lesser-known acts were also on it,too,the same deal as the COLGEMS and White Whale labels were.
  3. Here's the Earliesr Footage of WEAF,the Future WNBC,opening with Kelvin Keetch striking the official Chimeboard,announcing the station,in 1933,Pre-TV! www.youtube.com/watch?v=96rA-QgXL58
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    In the early days of radio, 1920's. NBC and GEC were very closely associated in the radio field. So, this association is why the NBC chimes played G-E-C.
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    And there was Metromedia Country for a while, who's key stars were Mel Street, Onie Wheeler, and Bobby G. Rice. Metromedia bought the former Royal American Records in Nashville, TN. Ran it as Metromedia Country for a few years, then sold out to GRT. Then out of bankruptcy Sunbird Records. Now owned by Gusto Records.
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