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When you have almost everything imaginable in your Carpenters collection, what is one item that you would still like to find??



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One of Karen's drum kits and I think Richard still has a few of them in storage. The "Carpenters" neon that was used on stage during the 1974 tour of Japan would look great on my roof for the holidays if it's still around!

sussex salvo

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My Carpenters collection is pretty complete, but there are a few things left to fill it out. I agree with the invitation and the drum set, but realize that the possibility of those are pretty remote. I am still looking for the Magic lantern 45, the Offering reel to-reel tape, and the Battle of the Bands record. They are kind of rare, but would certainly fill out my collection.
Happy hunting,
Regards, Chas

David A

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I have too many things to list...something with an original signature by Karen and Richard would be a great addition to my otherwise limited (memorabilia) collection.
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