AOTW WOMEN OF THE NIGHT - A Comedy Album (A&M SP 5220)


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A1 –Diane Ford Untitled 14:34
A2 –Paula Poundstone Untitled 9:46
B1 –Paula Poundstone Untitled (Continued) 9:18
B2 –Cathy Ladman Untitled 16:07

(C)1988 A&M Records, Inc.
Recorded live at The Ice House, Pasadena, CA - July 25th, 1988.
Also available as CD 5220.


Mike Blakesley

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It never did anything, but was a really funny album. I combined the best tracks from this one and the companion "male" album into one CD and called it the A&M Comedy Album. It's one of my favorites to listen to when I'm in a nostalgic mood. I think the other album is a little better, although it's more about politics so it's more dated, but they're both worth seeking out if you want a slice of ''80s humor.
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