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Wow; a new medley I hadn' t heard...

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Just stumbled upon a new medley I had never heard - or at least since 1971!

You Tube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3mENefxFaE&feature=related

I had always wished to have heard Karen singing A House is Not a Home - so hearing the snippet of that song tucked away in this medley was a particular gem....

With all the discussion of new music in the vaults, this was an unexpected pleasure.... & in case folks here didn't know - I wanted to be sure to share this little gift I have just unwrapped...

By the way - as a footnote, I remember well, those first moments of opening up a new Carpenters album - or perhaps waiting patiently listening on the radio a brand new Carpenters single...

I seriously doubt anything will ever match the sheer anticipation and real audible reward I'd feel when I'd here Karen singing strains of a new melody. So this afternoon it was a nifty throwback to those times when I heard some of these new tunes...

Ciao for now, BT
It is indeed a great medley, I've read they didn't perform it originally like a medley and that some fan had joined the pieces together. Couldn't get better!


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Wow - what a find. I'm glad someone took the time to put this together. I bought a video years ago - through Goldmine Magazine - which was a collection of all the songs - including these snippets - performed by the Carpenters on the Make Your Own Kind of Music show. It's one of my prized collections; the quality isn't great, but I'm very happy to have it.
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