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I'll use this thread to explain some of XenForo's features, and some of the add-ons that are installed.

We've discussed the mobile forum add-ons in another thread (Tapatalk and Forum Runner).

One thing that XenForo has done is integrated sharing features. If you have Twitter or Facebook accounts, you can share the forum's home page or an individual thread with your followers (Twitter) or friends (Facebook).

One modification I have added is a set of "AddThis" buttons. AddThis is one of the internet's largest sharing services: it is not a service itself, actually, but aggregates a couple hundred different services that you can share to. On the forum home page, and at the bottom of each thread you will see a set of these AddThis sharing icons:


One thing to note is that only the last button, the orange icon with the "+" sign, will remain the same. AddThis is smart enough to know which services you use the most, and will display and arrange the other buttons to match your usage patterns. The "+" icon pops open a window to view the other services you can access, along with a settings link to choose your favorites.

With AddThis, you don't even need to use a service like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or anything you'd need to create an account for: you have the option to send the page link via e-mail (your own program, Gmail or Yahoo Mail), or print the page. There are way too many services to list here, but it also includes some of the most popular bookmarking services such as Digg, Reddit, Yahoo Bookmarks and many others. You can share the page to a Wordpress or Blogger blog, have us "slashdotted," or even send the page link to bit.ly for shortening.

Sharing also helps the Corner out--the more you share links with others, the more we can spread the word and have more members join us.
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