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Yesterday Once More - Richard Clayderman

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I've listened to this so many times, have any of you heard it?

I think it captures the whole essence of the song and I remember Richard even praised it in his review of Richard Clayderman's tribute album.

I think it's outstanding....goosebumps all round...the orchestration is different to the original but the swell at 2m22s and all the way towards the end is amazing nonetheless. No wonder Richard was taken with it.

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Very, very nice! I've seen this album here and there, but had never heard any tracks.

For some reason, when I hear Carpenters songs in another setting, I am always captivated by how beautiful the melodies sound. I'm just so used to the original recordings that hearing them in another context brings out their quality in a different way. Like listening to Ray Charles do "A Song For You'. Sounds totally new, yet so familiar at the same time. A great tribute to the Carpenters originals, indeed.


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The entire Clayderman album, Carpenters Collection ,
is very nice, a pleasant surprise. Well done.


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Actually had gross expectations that Pianist-Arranger-Composer-Conductor would meet or beat the Clayderman recordings. But again I found the overuse of chorale and the more than elevator style was difficult in spots. Clayderman plays to the 'elevator' that boosts and celebrates compositions and arrangements. Not so sleepy as R Carpenter'S re-interpretation of his own classics. However the highlight on the Carpenter effort has to be Karen's Theme and All Those Years Ago for me. This endeavor couldn't possibly exceeded Karen's solo or even As Time Goes By or TIME sales-wise. That had to be easily associated and recognized from the gate. So to me ultimate record sales apparently is not the gist of production per say. Like mentioned elsewhere, in the Chris May RC interview postings where the ??? of re-cooping money per releases and so on is concerned.



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If you like riding in elevators, waiting in airport departure lounges, shopping in department stores - with your mind otherwise engaged on more important things - then maybe Clayderman's effort here fits the bill.

Clayderman has put NOTHING into Yesterday Once More.

Sorry. It's impossible for me to share anyone's enthusiasm for this rendition. :thumbsdn:
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