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Yesterday Once More (Short Version)

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Hello, everyone!
This is my first post to this board, so forgive me if this has been asked before.
Can anyone explain the "Short Version" of YOM on my NOW AND THEN cassette? It's the fourth track on side 1, between "Heather" and "Jambalaya". It's the regular version of YOM, but it omits the second verse and second chorus, and goes right to the fade out chorus after the first chorus. Side 2, of course, starts with the full version of YOM that fades into the medley.

Combined with the "Reprise" at the end, there are three different versions of the song on the cassette! Any info?


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Hi. I was also glad to find this little treat on the cassette only.
It has never appeared on any C's cd release.
Top Of The World at full length is repeated at the end of its B side on the Singles 1969-1973 cassette and Flat Baroque appears twice likewise on the A Song For You cassette.
I don't know if it was Richard's choice or its engineer's idea or the label's request but I think they're nice blank fillers.

BTW, was the original version of YOM released on cassette, too?
The Now & Then cassette I have includes the first remix of YOM equivalent to the single version.
I'm curious to know if the same material as in the vinyl was put out in the cassette format.
If so, I think mine is a second or later issue.


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Tape formats, cassette, reel-to-reel, and 8-track have finite lengths. On a cassette, if Side One of an album happens to be 17 minutes, while Side Two is say 20 minutes, then there is a length discrepancy. The physical tape needs to be at least as long as the longest side, in this case, 20 minutes. This presents a problem to the cassette creators: do they leave 3 minutes of blank space at the end of Side One? Or perhaps at the beginning of Side One? Do they increase the gap size between tracks? None of these options are appealing, so what happened in most cases is that they'd either repeat a track or jumble the order between sides to equalize them.

In this case, they added a shortened version of "Yesterday Once More". There really wasn't an option to equalize sides, since all of Side Two was taken up with the oldies medley and "Yesterday Once More."

Much the same philosophy was used on reel-to-reel tapes, but the problem was multiplied by two on 8-tracks, where the creators needed to fill four equal program segments. This often led to song fade-outs and fade-ins, or other annoying anomalies.

...who never had an 8-track, online...


I have the tape of Now & Then, UK version, and it doesn't have this extra track. I guess this was a US phenomenon?
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