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Yesterday Once More - The Album Battle

Which version do you like?

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In the "albums" section of the Complete Recordings Resource, there is a photo of the advertisement for this album and the ad mentions the LP, CD, and cassette tape versions but no 8-track version available/mentioned.
By the time it was released in 1984 -85 8 Tracks were long past discontinued And compact discs were slowly making inroads


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I went with the 1985 AM+ version. I had a choice between it and the purple one when I bought it in 1991 it so and I chose the AM+ version. The LP is on my site and it looks amazing.



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I just got this in the mail today---I saw it on Ebay,and I thought it was interesting. I don't have an 8-track player, so I can't play either one, but as far as I can tell they are official.

It looks like a music club edition I will say although after the labels pretty much discontinued 8 tracks the record clubs like RCA/BMG and Columbia House continued offering 8 track versions of some titles until later in the 80s when Cds became more availible


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I bought the UK 1984 vinyl of Yesterday Once More in the charity shop today for £4.99. I just played it and its amazing! Very pleased with my purchase.
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