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Yesterday Once More UK 2cd set

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by LondonRobert, Mar 19, 2014.

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  1. LondonRobert

    LondonRobert Active Member Thread Starter

    Hi all,
    I FINALLY managed to get a copy of the above very rare cd - http://carpenters.amcorner.com/album/yesterday-once-more-uk
    It brings back some memories for me - i had a saturday job in a record store and it was one of the first cd's i ever bought. Then a few years later when i was old enough to drive, i had my car stolen and this set was inside.
    I won it a year or so ago on ebay but it didnt arrive and i was refunded - i think someone overbid me after sale had finished but i had no proof.
    Anyway, i finally received it today.
    It actually 'sounds' really good - it's nice and bright and the stereo soundstage is excellent. Karen's vocals seem particularly upfront ( more so than usual, especially when drowned in reverbed remixes ).
    It's also really good to have the single version of postman on cd and the LP version of those good old dreams.
    I'm not sure if this is permitted, but I am happy to burn a copy for anyone who would like to hear it. Please private message me.
    If this is not allowed , Harry?, then my apologies.
    Best wishes,
  2. Good job, Robert. That's a tough one to track down, but at least you're in the homeland of its origins. Feel free to conduct any business you'd like in private conversations and messages.

  3. GaryAlan

    GaryAlan Well-Known Member

    Interestingly enough, I listened to this double LP (UK-pressed Yesterday Once More)
    yesterday, just to refresh myself with its nuances.
    Unfortunately, that included some 'skipping and crackling' on my particular albums.
    I thought the album artwork, inside and out, was/is very classy and attractive. Scan0065.jpg Scan0064.jpg
  4. Hey, at least the back cover isn't upside down!

  5. LondonRobert

    LondonRobert Active Member Thread Starter

    Yes, i read about the upside down thing before!
    Apart from the plusses i mentioned - a couple of things i consider a bit of a minus ;
    Argentina includes the prelude - even though its not listed as such - im not a fan of the prelude.
    Also the superstar/rainy days/goodbye trilogy is the slightly sped up version. Although, listening to it again, I can only really ascertain that goodbye is noticeably sped up, IMHO.
    BTW Alan, thank you for all your enthusiasm and posts which are always extremely interesting to read.
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  6. LondonRobert

    LondonRobert Active Member Thread Starter

    P.S I mean GaryAlan, sorry!
  7. GaryAlan

    GaryAlan Well-Known Member

    I also notice that I have this 2-LP version of YOM , distributed by Silver Eagle Records: Scan0067.jpg Scan0066.jpg
  8. GaryAlan

    GaryAlan Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the low quality of those previous scans!
    I forget the statistics on the Yesterday Once More set (be it on.. VHS, LP, cassette, Laserdisc, DVD, cd...)
    but this seems like a huge seller in terms of units sold and popularity.
  9. LondonRobert

    LondonRobert Active Member Thread Starter

    Yes, i remember the UK one sold well, although the later one for 1990 - only yesterday - was number one for weeks here!
    One other minus on this set, could you check on your cd for me Harry please? The first drum beat on only yesterday sounds muffled, i wonder if its the same on all pressings? I am such an OCD freak, but these things are important when it comes to Carpenters music hehe.
  10. newvillefan

    newvillefan Well-Known Member

    If memory serves me correctly, it stayed at number 1 in the UK for something like 16 weeks.
  11. I hear what you're referring to, yes. It sounds like someone was moving the volume up as the track started, with the opening beat just a bit lower in volume. One other thing I noticed is that after the *third* drum-beat in the opening, there's an after-sound that almost sounds like a sympathetic cymbal vibration. It's present only in this UK YESTERDAY ONCE MORE version - on both LP and CD - and nowhere else.

  12. LondonRobert

    LondonRobert Active Member Thread Starter

    yes Harry! it took me a few listens to hear it, but its almost like an electronic vibration right on the third beat, it 'almost' changes the note doesnt it.
    my partner is looking at me like i am not in my right mind while im constantly listening to the first three beats - but then he just doesnt understand how important anything Carpenters is!
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  13. Jamesj75

    Jamesj75 Well-Known Member

    Robert, I have one of those at home, too... :) And, of course, throughout my life, I have had my share of friends who didn't share (or even understand) my fanaticism for the Carpenters and their music. But a few have... It's comforting to read and post at this website where the passion for Carpenters is palpable and contagious! Also, many of the people at this website have such an incredible ear for musical detail (as in the current discussion), I am overwhelmed and not worthy...

    Some think of Carpenters' music as a "guilty pleasure," yet there is no guilt about it whatsoever. As long as I live, I will remain an unabashed, unapologetic fan. And Karen's voice will always soothe and make me happy. :)
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  14. GaryAlan

    GaryAlan Well-Known Member

    Yes, I suffer the same admonition from friends and family regarding Carpenters.
    No guilt whatsoever, here.
    I toot that Carpenters' horn every chance I get!
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  15. I am the same being an OCD freak re the Carpenters music, so I know where you are coming from. :)
  16. Sent you a private message Bob.
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