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Yesterday Once More (Video Locations)

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I thought it was interesting that in one of the Carpenters newsletters, Richard received many requests about where the videos were taped and in this newsletter he answers this question. I have broken up the long paragraph so it's easier to see each of Richard's answers. I'm sure most of us already know this information but there may be some "new" fans peeking in.

NEWSLETTER #86 - July, 1986

Richard is delighted with the numerous complimentary letters concerning the "Yesterday Once More" video. There is much interest in the taping of each song so Richard kindly wrote a synopsis for your benefit:

We've Only Just Begun - From the Carpenter's second appearance with Bob Hope. This "Hope Special" guest shot, fall of 1973, coincided with the release of the Carpenter's first domestic "Greatest Hits" album "The Single".

Those Good Old Dreams - This "promo clip" was one of three selections videotaped in 1981 from that year's Carpenter's release. "Made in America" The remaining two "Touch Me When We've Dancing" and "Beechwood 4-5789" All three were taped on the "Chaplin Stage" at A&M Records.

Superstar - This is an A&M "Promo Film" shot in early 1971 at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas. The Carpenter's were appearing at the "Sands" at the time but the Desert Inn was selected for the film due to it's larger stage.

Rainy Days and Mondays - This was filmed the same day and in the same location as "Superstar".

All you Get From Love is a Love Song - This song was the debut single from the Carpenter's 1977 album "Passage". This A&M "promo film" was shot early that year in A&M Studio's D where, starting in 1974, Karen and Richard did most of their recordings.

Top of the World - This performance is form the "The Carpenters" very first television special for ABC, 1976. The special featured John Denver and Victor Borge as guest. It was produced by Rich Eustis and AL Rogers and was directed by Bill Davis.

Ticket to Ride - The earliest clip in the compilation,. From a syndicated pop music show called "Something Else". It was shot on location in Squaw Valley, California on Karen's birthday, March 2nd, in 1970.

Only Yesterday - an A&M "promo film" form 1975. Filmed in Studio D and on location at Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, California.

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft - The second single culled from 1977's "Passage". It was tapped at Vidtroncis in Hollywood, California, using the newly introduced "Magicam" format.

Beechwood 4-5789 - The fourth single from "Made in America". Shot in 1981 on the Chaplin Stage.

Touch Me When We're Dancing - The debut single from "Made in America" this turned out to be the Carpenter's last top 20 single. Taped in 1981 at the Chaplin Stage.

Hurting Each Other - The debut single form the Carpenter's 1972 album release "A Song For You". Filmed in Studio B at A&M Recording Studios in early 1972.

Please Mr. Postman - Another A&M "promo film" Shot in late 1974 at Disneyland, Florida.

There's A Kind Of Hush - This clip was shot in April of 1976 in Osaka, Japan, while the Carpenters were on a month-long tour of that country.

(They Long To Be) Close to You - From the Carpenter's NBC summer series "Make Your Own Kind of Music", 1971. The stills were added during post production of this compilation.

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Just a side note, I noticed quite a few typos and I don't have the original paper newsletters (70's & 80's), I only have a PDF file of all the newsletters combined in one format so I'm not sure if the typos were in the original newsletter or just on my PDF file that someone gave me. For instance, Disneyland, Florida (when we know that should say CA) etc..
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Karen and Richard were both at the Sands! I've never been there (and as I understand it was torn down years ago!) although I do have a $1 gaming token from it (my father stayed there once and as he didn't gamble he just brought the token home.). Maybe Karen or Richard handled it, if they played the games.


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Has any member had the good fortune of touring STUDIO D at the A&M lot when it was active?


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Many times but only ever recorded in C. :)
Tell tell. Did you actually see Karens recording booth? Were there any CarpenterS photos thruout A&M. Etc... Fascinating Chris. Im mesmorized. Ive had the lifelong dream of being the proverbial fly on the wall. O how I've wished.
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