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What saddened me quite unexpectedly watching this clip is that Richard was able to witness and enjoy their renaissance in the nineties and beyond and see artists of all types covering their songs worldwide...and Karen never got to experience any of it. I’m sure she would have been thrilled to hear people covering what were originally her songs.


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This is a list of international covers written up in Chinese, but you can still read the artist names and song names:




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Google translate of the Chinese portion:

12:53! The song from forum.amcorner.com has been covered in multiple languages by singers from many countries, such as: * In 1973, French singer Claude Frangois (French: Claude Frangois) sang the French version of "Sha la la, hier est pres de toi", included in the album "Sur Scene Ete 1975" [7]; * In 1973, the Icelandic singer Surizur Sigurdardottir (Icelandic: Puridur Sigurdardottir) sang Icelandic The version "A valdi minninga", included in the album "Puriour og Palmi" [8]; * In 1973, Argentine singer Silvana Di Lorenzo (Spanish: Silvana Di Lorenzo) sang the Spanish version of "Otra vez" ayer", included in the album "Me Muero Por Estar Contigo" [9]; * In 1974, Danish singer Ula Pia (Danish: UIla Pia) sang the Danish version of "Som Om Det VarIGar", included in the album " Som Om Det Var I Gar / Jeg Er en Fodt Optimist" [10];. In 1974, Italian singer Dori Ghezzi (Italian: Dori Ghezzi) sang the Italian version of "lo sto bene con te", which was included in the album "Dori Ghezzi" [11] [1 2]; * 1974, Finnish singer Ami Aspelund (Finnish: Ami Aspelund) sang the Finnish version of "Kay Luonain Eilinen", which was included in the album "Ami" [13] [1 4];. In 1982, Czech singer Itka Zelenkova (Czech: Jitka Zelenkova) sang the Czech version of "Me Pisne veerejsi", which was included in the album "Trochu Klidu" [15] [16];. In 2014, Dutch singer Marjan Berger (Dutch: Marjan Berger) sang the Dutch version of "Gisteren Herleeft", which was included in the album "Jij Beent Een Wonder" [17] [1 8]. "Yesterday Reappears" is also very popular in Asia, such as:. In 1973, the Japanese group Uchiyama Tian & Cool Five sang the Japanese version of the single "イエスタデイ." ワンス, モア" [19];. In 1989, Hong Kong singer Priscilla Chan sang an English version at the "When will I see you concert" [20];. In 2005, South Korean actor Kim Hee Sun sang the English version of Mu 211 in the 9th episode of the TV series "Sad Love Songs":


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Do you know any covers of the song in non-English version? Probably there is a Japanese version? here let me introduce a Finnish version - Käy Luonain Eilinen. Sounds beautiful as well. Cheers
Suomi is such a beautiful language. "Käy" is a familiar word to me because I heard Monica Aspelund's Eurovision submission, "Lapponia," and "käy" was a word used in her lyrics!

I wonder if any Swedish artists covered any Carpenters songs in Swedish.
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I have the Icelandic version "Á valdi menninga" on a scratchy LP that I brought home from Reykjavik a couple of years ago. Unfortunately haven't managed to find it on YouTube.

The LP features one side of lead vocals by songstress Þuriður Sigurðardóttir (the letter þ [AltGr + t] is pronounced as the hard "th" in "think" and the letter ð [AltGr + d] is pronounced as the soft "th" in "this"). The other side features lead vocals by singer/bassguitarist Pálmi Gunnarsson.

They must have really liked the Carpenters' music, because there are Icelandic versions of 3 of their recordings on this album from 1973: "Yesterday Once More", "Top Of The World" (both by Þuriður) and "Piano Picker".

More info right here (on the label photos you can see the names of the songwriters) :

Þuríður Sigurðardóttir, Pálmi Gunnarsson – Þuríður & Pálmi (1973, Vinyl)


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Kacfan/Matthew Smith already listed other versions, but below you can listen to some of these (besides the Danish & Chinese ones posted here earlier) :

Spanish (Argentina): "Otra vez ayer" - Silvana di Lorenzo (1973)
Spanish (Mexico): "Otra vez ayer" - La Fresa Acida (1973)
Spanish (Argentina): "Otra vez ayer" - Conmoción (1973)

French: "Sha la la, hier est près de toi" - Claude François (1973)
French: "Quand j'étais un enfant" - Anne Renée (1973)

Italian: "Io sto bene con te" - Dori Ghezzi (1974)

Finnish: "Käy lounain eilinen" - Ami Aspelund (1974)

Swedish: "En gammal melodi" - Sylvia Vrethammar (1974)

Czech: "Mé písně včerejší" - Jitka Zelenková (1975)

Dutch: "Gisteren herleeft" - Marjan Berger (2015)

I know also of recorded versions in Estonian (1985), Norwegian (1974) and Icelandic (1973), but these have yet to turn up on YouTube (someday, I hope)

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