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Your Navy Presents


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Hi All,

I ran across something unexpected this weekend.
Years back, I found a full supposedly remastered series of songs from Your Navy Presents.

I filed it away in the back of my mind, thinking I had already heard everything on it. Imagine my surprise when this was the list of songs on it:
Ticket to Ride
Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing / All I Can Do
All of My Life
Cinderella Rockafella
Mr. Guder
I Fell in Love Again (with you?)
Get Together
Bacharach Medley
Love is Surrender
Can’t Buy Me Love
Baby It’s You
Flat Baroque

I had not heard Baby It's You (one of the greatest in their catalogue) or Flat Baroque or the Bacharach Medley on this before.

On the liner notes found on From the Top, Richard states these were recorded and used in March 1970. So three questions:
1- Are all these songs from Your Navy Presents?
2- Is this the correct order in which they were played?
3- Does anyone know the exact date this program aired?



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The order of songs is hard because this was aired over four, I believe, fifteen minute broadcasts interspersed with silly interviews. I have a version of this, and the songs are certainly in a different order. Yet, and still, I love some of these versions. Plus, you can really hear Karen's drumming I friggin adore this crazy, upbeat version of Can't Buy Me Love and this version of Clancy.

Just me?


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Yes there were four fifteen minute programs. The following list includes all of the PSAs for the Navy and all intros and interviews by Sam Riddle. Here is the order in which they originally aired.

Program numbers #70-39, #70-40, #70-41, #70-42
Your Navy Presents Track List.jpg


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The reason that the order of these songs get jumbled is due to the nature of the way the programs were originally distributed. Each fifteen minute show was to air during a particular week, so stations were sent these records with date instructions every two weeks. (There were two weeks of shows on each record.)

The records were then supposed to be tossed - or mailed back to the syndicator. Usually they were just tossed. A mail-in post card was included that the program director signed and dated, indicating the date and time that the show ran.

So with this being a four-part show, two full weeks at a radio station would pass by until the second record would have arrived. If someone tossed the first one, but someone else saved the second one, it would account for the haphazard way that these shows appear. Some people have acquired one or the other of the records without the other, thinking they had the full thing.

Remember, as important as these records and shows are to we, the fans, now many years later, they were totally at the bottom of the totem pole of importance at the radio stations at the time. These were filler shows used to fill up (typically) Sunday morning time slots that were promised as "public service" fulfillments for license renewal.

A sample label for show 40
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