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You're The One

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Rick-An Ordinary Fool

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I think this is one of the best tracks on Lovelines.

It's another song that somehow Karen is able to create that illusion that she is sitting in your lap & singing this right to you. There are alot of songs that I really get this connection. Karen voice is so right there that the position of the mic just makes it seem she is standing right in front of you. (Now and All Because of You are 2 more that create this strong presence of Karen right in front of me too)

When you hear this track on CD do you think that Karen's presence is stronger on this song compared to the rest of the CD?

Do you think this is a special technique that Richard mastered getting Karen in the right position under the mic?

Or do you just think it's Karen voice that just creates the magic all by herself?

Richard said it was one of Karen's finest performances. :cool:
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