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Yuko's latest

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Yuko Ogura has run into a problem, and I thought I'd post some of the info here for those not on her e-mail list. She's basically been labelled a bootlegger by Richard Carpenter's manager. Her recent emails to Carpenters fans detail what's been going on. It seems that Richard appeared on a TV show in Japan on their NHK network. Yuko, being the ever-faithful Carpenters-fan liason, taped the broadcast, and without the ability to make dubs, sent two different copies off to the US to other fans for free distribution to other fans.

Another broadcast of a Carpenters special is scheduled for May 19, and she'd basically offered to do the same thing -- provide worldwide fans with this video material if they so desired it. She's basically been told to cease and desist by Richard's manager, threatening to turn matters over to lawyers, claiming that the shows are licensed only for NHK in Japan and nowhere else. Needless to say, she seems quite upset about the matter.

I wasn't really all that interested in Richard's recent appearance on Japanese TV, so I didn't bother to get involved in the current tape-dubbing scheme.

Poor Yuko!

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Ugly!! IMHO, that could only lead to more publicity for Richard and what he does in the future. I can't see how a handful of fans having a videotape in the States is going to hurt anything--it's not like an interview is something that will be for sale on DVD!

But then again, it can be considered a copyright issue. :confused:

What does Richard's attorney think he/she is going to get out of this?

And for that matter, does Richard even know this has transpired? (You'd be surprised at how many artists live behind a shield that their "employees" build, and they're not even aware of some of these issues.)

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I don't usually quote Yuko directly, as she doesn't particularly like that, but here is the text of yet another email from her on the subject:

I have called NHK. The director of "Music Cocktail" I have met in
person was not there, but I have spoken with another one who knows the

* "Music Cocktail" is aired in the countries other than Japan.
* In the contract they made with Richard Carpenter, it is indeed for
the Japanese views only and if the program is to be aired in foreign
countries, Richard's performance has to be taken out from the program
for international broadcasting.

He, as a member of NHK broadcasting system, can not quite approve of my
sharing a copy with you, however, he did mention "There should not be
any problem with your personal sharing as far as nobody shows it
publicly and makes no financial profit from it. However, and again,
because of the contract we made with Richard, that may still be very
subtle/touchy." And he even went on to suggest, "There was only one
song he performed on our program, but the one coming up in a couple of
weeks will feature Carpenters for solid 2 hours. I would imagine they
would like to see "Carpenters Forever" more than "Music Cocktail"." He
was very very nice and understanding.

Richard's performance,"I Need To Be In Love" was shot around at the
same time when they also shot him perform his new Christmas song. I
would imagine his new Christmas song performance is also for the
Japanese viewers only.

Now I see that David's saying, "for the Japanese audience not for the
entier world" is clearly spoken in their contract. I do not know why and
I do not understand why. Please ask David or Richard as I do not have an
answer. And I hope I will come to understand why. They must have a good
reason. This just deprives an opportunity to see Richard perform if you
were not living in Japan. If you have any clue as to why, please fill me

I wonder if they are planning to broadcast those footages in the
U.S?????? Or maybe include them in their next DVD???????

I was taking " Japan only" statement was merely David's personal
words. Now I see that this is an official decision of Richard Carpenter
and his management. it is just very very sad.....


The "David" refers to David Alley, Richard's manager.

...just passing the info along, online...
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