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Zany B-66 music video from 1969!

In 1993, on a vacation to Rio I took a similar helicopter ride past Sugarloaf mountain and then along Copacabana beach. Spectacular. The ride also circled the statue of Christ atop Corcovado mountain. Very inspiring,

Lani and Karen are shown frolicking in the ocean. I wouldn't suggest that today for tourists, as around 70 percent of the the sewage into Rio's coastal waters is polluted and untreated, and are rife with hepatitis and cholera bacteria and the like. You will see Carioca natives enjoying the coastal waters, but surely they have built up a lifelong immunity.
He was one of the people who insisted to me it was the Wrecking Crew on Righteous Life, I know Paula Stone has said otherwise, but it seems to me he should have known.
I don't think there's ever been any doubt about this -- it's spelled out in the liner notes of Stillness that there are different musicians on "Righteous Life." Plus it's easy to spot Hal Blaine's drumming on that song.

Those videos are cool -- there have to be more, if it was for TV, right? :)
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