AOTW Amy Grant - UNGUARDED (SP-5060)


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Amy Grant
A&M SP-5060

1. "Love of Another Kind" Amy Grant, Gary Chapman, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Rich Mullins 3:22
2. "Find a Way" Grant, Michael W. Smith 3:28
3. "Everywhere I Go" Mary Lee Kortes 4:12
4. "I Love You" Grant, Dann Huff, Smith 4:25
5. "Stepping In Your Shoes" Grant, Chris Eaton 4:37
6. "Fight" Grant, Chapman, Huff 4:42
7. "Wise Up" Kirkpatrick, Billy Simon 3:51
8. "Who to Listen to" Chapman, Tim Marsh, Mark Wright 4:22
9. "Sharayah" Grant, Eaton 4:53
10. "The Prodigal (I'll Be Waiting)" Grant, Chapman, Robbie Buchanan 5:10

  • Amy Grant: lead vocals, background vocals (2,3)
  • Michael W. Smith: Yamaha GS2 (2,3,8), Memorymoog (3)
  • Robbie Buchanan: synthesizers (1,4-7,10), acoustic piano (10), track arrangement (10), sound effects (4), drum programming (4), synthesizer bass (1,10), Yamaha DX7 (8), Roland Jupiter 8 (1), synthesizer programming (5)
  • Shane Keister: synthesizers (1,7,9), acoustic piano (1), Memorymoog (6), Fairlight (8), Fender Rhodes (5), explosion (2), synthesizer programming (3), Yamaha GS1 (3,8)
  • Dann Huff: electric guitars, guitar solo (4,5)
  • Jon Goin: electric guitars (2,3,4,6,8,9), acoustic guitar (10)
  • Michael Landau: electric guitars (2,4,7,9), guitar solo (10)
  • Paul Jackson, Jr.: electric guitars (7)
  • Mike Brignardello: bass guitar (2-9)
  • Paul Leim: drums (1,2,3,6-10), drum programming and drum overdubs (4), LinnDrum programming (7)
  • Lenny Castro: percussion (2,6,8,10)
  • Larry Williams: synthesizer and saxophone (7)
  • Diana Hanna: background vocals (1,3,8)
  • Kathy Burdick: screams (1)
  • Bill Champlin: background vocals (1,7)
  • Gary Chapman: background vocals (1,3,6,8)
  • Chris Eaton: background vocals (5)
  • Kim Fleming: background vocals (8)
  • Tommy Funderburk: background vocals (1,2,6,7)
  • Steve George: background vocals (4,9)
  • Chris Harris: background vocals (8), screams (1)
  • Tom Kelly: background vocals (2,4,6,9)
  • Donna McElroy: background vocals (8)
  • Richard Page: background vocals (4,9)
  • Gary Pigg: background vocals (8), screams (1)

  • Producer: Brown Bannister
  • Executive producers: Michael Blanton, Dan Harrell, Gary Chapman
  • Engineered and mixed by Jack Joseph Puig
  • Assistant engineers: Kevin Burns, Steven Ford, Dan Garcia, Alan Henry, J.T., Richard Markowitz, Mike Ross, Clark Schleicher
  • Mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Art direction and design: Kent Hunter
  • Photography: Mark Tucker
  • Stylist: Julie Miller
Entered the Billboard Top 200 on June 15, 1985
Charted for 38 weeks and peaked at # 35


(SP 5059 is a mystery item)


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Amy Grant performed with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra (KSO) on October 20, 2006. The photo was taken after the show.


Mr Bill

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There are four different cover designs for this album:

I believe that after the first year, only the first one was used (and is still used for repressing)

--Mr Bill



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Today, May 15th, marks the 35th anniversary of Amy Grant's UNGUARDED album. It was released in 1985 and was one of those early CDs. I was fortunate to find the old Japan-for-US pressing (CD 5060) which I'm informed probably sounds better than any remasters in later years.

The four cover pictures, apparently, on the bottom of the original LP spines, had a single letter code. It was either "W", or "O", or "R" or "D". The "D" picture (leftmost above), became the default for the album over the years.


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The code 'Word' is for the label of the same name, obviously. Distributed by A&M in the early days.

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