🎵 AotW AOTW: Gap Mangione - DANCIN' IS MAKIN' LOVE (SP-4762)

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Captain Bacardi

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Gap Mangione
A&M SP-4762

Released 1979

Format: Vinyl/8-Track/Cassette

Produced by Larry Carlton

  • 1. Dancin' Is Makin' Love (Gap Mangione) - 5:45
    2. Girl Goodbye (David Paich) - 6:11
    3. Takin' It Back (Steve Porcaro) - 4:42
    4. You're The One (Larry Carlton) - 6:05
    5. Dreamflow (Larry Carlton) - 5:55
    6. I'm Home (Greg Mathieson) - 6:02

    Brass Arrangement: Larry Carlton, except 1 & 6, Brass Arrangement: Gap Mangione & Larry Carlton
    Strings Arranged by Larry Carlton

Gap Mangione - Keyboards
Larry Carlton - Guitars
Robert "Pops" Popwell - Bass
John Ferraro - Drums
Greg Mathieson - Fender Rhodes Piano, Oberheim & Mini Moog Synthesizer (2), Acoustic Piano (4)
Paulinho Da Costa - Percussion
Pete Christlieb - Saxophones
Chuck Findley - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Steve Madaio - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Gary Grant - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Bill Reichenbach - Trombone
Charlie Loper - Trombone
Dick Hyde - Trombone
Gerald Vinci - Concertmaster
Venetta Fields - Vocals
Paulette Brown - Vocals
William D. Smith - Vocals

Recorded at Remixed at Room 335, Hollywood, CA
Engineered & Remixed by Larry Carlton
Second Engineer: Steve Carlton
Mastered at A&M Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA
Mastering Engineer: Bernie Grundman
String Personnel Coordinator: Gerald Vinci
Strings recorded at Jennifuddy Recording Studio, North Hollywood, CA
Strings Engineered by John Guess

Art Direction: Roland Young
Design: Junie Osaki
Cover Art: Andre Miripolsky
Photography: Benno Friedman

Capt. Bacardi


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A few chips off Gap's earlier career, but the glib arrangements & over-production, albeit Larry Carlton & Company's sympathetic backing, make this dismal & dull... Good background music, at best, but at worst, commercial trend-hopping & what happens when jazz hits the dance floor, or can't get out of the cocktail lounge...

-- Dave


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There was sure a big L.A. lineup behind it, too!


¡Que siga la fiesta!
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And neither does riding the coattails of your brother's popularity. :unhunh:

Mr Bill

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Aww, it's not that bad. It's decent as background music for an intimate evening with wine and candles strategically placed around the room... That is, IF you're going for that cheesy 70's romantic evening vibe...


¡Que siga la fiesta!
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That kind of mood goes with platform shoes, gold chains and chest hair wigs. :D


¡Que siga la fiesta!
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Even if said mole were whacked on the head? Then again, the mole might whack himself on the head. :D

I should be nice though. Gap Mangione may end up reading these threads one day... :yikes:
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