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🎡 AotW Atlantic Starr SECRET LOVERS, THE BEST OF (A&M SP 5141)


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1 Circles 4:53
2 Silver Shadow 4:57
3 Send For MeWritten-By – Ron Kersey, Sam Dees 5:30
4 Secret Lovers 5:30
5 Love Me Down 4:50
6 When Love Calls 4:33
7 Am I DreamingWritten-By – Sam Dees 5:36
8 Freak-A-RisticWritten-By – David Lewis 4:05
9 Touch A Four Leaf Clover 4:41
10 Let's Get CloserWritten-By – Harold Johnson 5:20
11 If Your Heart Isn't In ItWritten-By – Hamish Stuart 4:02
12 Stand UpProducer – Bobby EliWritten-By – Wayne Lewis (2) 4:29

CD issue from LP <a href="Atlantic Starr - Secret Lovers: The Best Of Atlantic Starr ">Secret Lovers...The Best Of Atlantic Starr</a> with 3 extra tracks
Original release (P)&(C)1986 A&M Records, Inc.

Tracks 1, 5, 10: Taken From The A&M Album "Brilliance" SP 4883 (P)1982 A&M Records, Inc.
Tracks 2, 4, 8, 11: Taken From The A&M Album "As The Band Turns" SP 5019 (P)1985 A&M Records, Inc.
Tracks 3, 6, 7: Taken From The A&M Album "Radiant" SP 4833 (P)1980 A&M Records, Inc.
Track 9: Taken From The A&M Album "Yours Forever" SP 4948 (P)1983 A&M Records, Inc.
Track 12: Taken From The A&M Album "Atlantic Starr" SP 3166 (P)1978 A&M Records, Inc

Also available as CD 3320

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