Brazilian Hit Parade 1958-1969


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Here is a very interesting list of Brazilian Pop music hits during the heyday of Bossa Nova and the start of MPB. On these lists there weren't all that many songs recorded by A&M recording artists. After reviewing these lists, I think I know why. What prevailed at that time in Brazil were: (1) Imports--interesting how Paul Anka and Trini Lopez were hugely popular; (2) Brazilian crooners; (3) The start of Rock and Roll--for example, Roberto Carlos was a rocker during this period before he would later became a world famous balladeer. People like Ben, Valle, Veloso, Buarque, and Gil were only getting started. I think it's wonderful how A&M records--then a MOR bastion--was able to find and record the music of these extremely gifted young composers. And of course Herb Alpert as record executive and producer was chiefly responsible for putting Brazilian music on the map in the USA--along with Creed Taylor of course.

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