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🎵 AotW Brothers Johnson - OUT OF CONTROL (SP-4965)


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Brothers Johnson

A&M SP-4965


You Keep Me Coming Back 5:14
Lovers Forever 4:30
Do You 3:20
Let's Try Love Again 3:26
I Came Here To Party 4:01
Out Of Control 4:18
Save Me 4:07
Tokyo 4:38
Dazed 4:23
It's All Over Now 3:58
Released 1984 & reached # 91 on the Billboard Top 200
Produced by Leon Sylvers

Reissued on CD in 1988 as an A&M of Japan import (D28Y3242) and in 2009 on Surface Records of the U.K.



¡Que siga la fiesta!
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Definitely past their commercial peak on this one. Yet they were still in demand as session musicians.
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