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Does anyone know if BMG now controls (or owns) the ECM label? Only curious because I'm listening to Pat Metheny Group's American Garage album on CD, and while these are both record club CDs, the imprint is also shown as "BMG Classics." And now, upon looking at the CDs, I've noticed that the PMG CD, as well as the Metheny/Mays Whichita Falls CD are also under that imprint.

More curious to know when this might have happened, since I don't recall other PMG CDs on ECM bearing the BMG logo.

Still have vinyl on these, and they sound just as good. :)

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ECM is currently manufactured,marketed and distributed through UMVD,through Universal Classics,not Verve. Let's see-ECM was originally distributed in the US by Polydor,then Warner,then BMG,then back to Polygram again and eventually got sucked into the Universal distribution pipeline. And I might have left a deal or two out. I suspect that neither ECM nor Universal want to go through another round of deletions and reprinting of material for such a select market. BTW,Keith Jarrett,possibly the most prolific ECM artist(and possibly its biggest seller,even more than Metheny becuse of length of time on the label and titles recorded)was born and raised in a town next to Allentown-Emmaus,Pa.
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