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1Lost Horizon3:20
2Hey Jealousy3:56
3Mrs. Rita4:25
4Until I Fall Away3:51
5Hold Me Down4:51
6Cajun Song
Accordion – C.J. Chenier
Accordion – C.J. Chenier
7Hands Are Tied3:17
8Found Out About You3:53
9Allison Road3:18
11Pieces Of The Night
Piano – Robert Becker (2)
Piano – Robert Becker (2)
Steel Guitar [Pedal] – Robbie Turner
Steel Guitar [Pedal] – Robbie Turner

The Original release of New Miserable Experience.

"New Miserable Experience's initial release contained completely different packaging. The album's original cover artwork depicted the Arizona desert, the background behind which the band began." (A subsequent reissue had new cover art with a photo of the band inside a car).

New Miserable Experience - Wikipedia

Entered the Billboard Top 200 on May 1, 1993
Charted 103 weeks & peaked at # 30
"Hey Jealousy" & "Found out about You" both reached # 25 as singles.


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CD 5403 is the final item in a 30-plus year series that began with LP/SP 101 'THE LONELY BULL' in 1962. The prefix "4" was added to indicate stereo (as we know). Once Polygram distribution began, future releases were numbered from "0000" forward. The Carpenters' box set 'FROM THE TOP' bears that "four zero" catalog number. This series plays out at # 1091. There are large gaps in the interim.

Being an obsessive-compulsive collector I recall being a bit sad that such a lengthy consecutive numbering series was being abandoned. Corporate takeovers can be thougthless that way.


PS: Lucille Starr 'SAY YOU LOVE ME' was SP 4100 but didn't come out until '66 and only in Canada.
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The Carpenters' box set 'FROM THE TOP' bears that "four zero" catalog number.

Huh? I have the first iteration of FROM THE TOP, the 12x12 box, and the catalog number is 75021-6875-2.
That's a good find since it predates Polygram distribution. The Polygram prefix is "31454" which proceeds the "0000" catalog numbers that started in 1992-93.

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Looking on Discogs, the reissue of FROM THE TOP has a 31454-0000 catalog number. That must be the tall, thinner, book-style release.
It's interesting how some apparently "mainstream" albums ended up on the 3500 series, with some appearing in both that series and the 4000 series. I was going through past AOTWs and noticed that Herb Alpert's Beyond was SP-3717, and Rise appeared as both SP-3714 and SP-4790. And Rise also appeared on an A&M black label LP (and later CD issues) as SP-3274 apparently in a reissue series.
Supertramp's first & self titled album was issued under 3 catalog numbers. It's initial 1970 U.K. & Canada only release was SP 4274. The group attained popularity in the U.S. with 'CRIME OF THE CENTURY' in 1974. The first album then was reissued as SP 4665 domestically around 1978. It came into the 3000 series as SP 3149 with a CD reissue under that number following.

Burt Bacharach's self titled 1971 album came out as both SP 4290 and 3501.
Carpenters' SP 3502 was assigned SP 4289 but was not released as the latter number.

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So... What's next? 6xxx series? or 35xx or 36xx? I vote 36xx since that was what initially (and somewhat briefly) replaced the 4xxx series in the early 70s.

6xxx and 35xx would be fairly short runs for AOTW. There are other even short run series out there as well (like 33xx and 34xx before they became part pf the valu-line)

--Mr Bill
These series are very short and have quite a few overlaps with 41XX series we've already discussed. When the (tragic) decision to start over with "0000" was made in '92 with Polygram distribution, I attempted to update the home copy of the data base. Many of A&M's well known artists are represented in the early part of the new series. Somehow they hung in amidst all the management shakeups. Unfortunately the gaps among that series (0000-1091) are too large to facilitate meaningful continuity.

From 1992-97 I attempted to update the home data base but eventually lost track. Sometime around '98 came reissues of George Benson's 4 A&M items. These had 68XXX catalog numbers. I'd like to find a complete data base for 1992-2004 or so if it exists. (Not necessarily to discuss but for reference).

This was truly the End of an Era in a sense when the Corporate Culture of Polygram obliterated The A&M way of Doing things I believe by this point Herb And Jerry were Gone from A&M completely even back then I sensed things had changed.
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