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AOTW Gregg Alexander: MICHIGAN RAIN (A&M SP 5255)


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A1 In The Neighborhood 4:06
A2 Michigan Rain 2:47
A3 Loving You Sets Me Free 4:25
A4 Cruel With Me 4:01
A5 Save Me From Myself 5:16
B1 Ev'ry Now And Then 3:47
B2 Don't Cry Mrs. Davis 5:50
B3 Sinner Times Ten 3:37
B4 Five And Dimes And Petty Crimes 2:45
B5 The World We Love So Much 4:12

Released 1989
Issued as CD 5255


NOTE: SP 5253 & 5254 are "blank spaces," to quote Taylor Swift. I will "write their name" when I can ID them.
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