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🎵 AotW Groucho Marx: An Evening with Groucho Marx (A&M Records SP-3515)

1707961253991.pngGroucho Marx: An Evening with Groucho Marx

A&M Records SP-3515
Released 1972
2-LP Set

Track List
  • Overture - Medley From The Marx Brothers Films
  • Introduction
  • Hello, I Must Be Going
  • Violin Solo, Jack Benny Tribute
  • My Family, How We Got Our Names:
    • Strange Relatives
    • Uncle Julius
    • Chico At Klauber Horn Co.
  • Uncle Herman, Chiropodist
  • Timbuctoo
  • Annie Berger
  • World War One, Vaudeville In Toronto
  • Oh, How That Woman Could Cook
  • Toronto Song
  • London Stories:
    • Polish Officer Story
    • Churchill & 2nd World War
  • Tough Chicago Critic Story
  • Palace Theatre:
    • Sarah Bernhardt
    • Fanny Brice
    • Swayne's Rats And Cats
  • Poem From The Play "Animal Crackers"
  • T.S. Eliot Memorial: Laurence Olivier's Lap
  • 2nd World War Bond Tour
  • Houdini Story
  • Music In "Cocoanuts" - Always
  • George Kaufman & Morrie Ryskind Story
  • Stay Down Here Where You Belong
  • Otto Kahn Story
  • W. C. Fields:
    • Beebee Gun
    • Prohibition
    • Baby Leroy
  • Heaven's Above
  • Everybody Works But Father
  • Father's Day
  • Margaret Dumont, The Dowager In Our Films
  • Thalberg Story - Garbo
  • Sampson And Delilah Story
  • Will Rogers, Baseball In Baltimore
  • Priests' Stories:
    • Plaza Hotel
    • Montreal
    • Rome
  • Show Me A Rose
  • Lydia The Tattooed Lady
Accompanied By [Musical Accompaniment] – Marvin Hamlisch
Art Direction – Roland Young (3)
Design – Chuck Beeson, Desmond Strobel
Engineer – Phil Ramone
Engineer [Assisted By] – John Curcio
Executive-Producer – Erin Fleming
Illustration [Front Cover] – Glen Christensen
Liner Notes – Woody Allen
Photography By [Gatefold] – Candice Bergen, Richard Avedon
Producer – Phil Ramone

Recorded live at:
Carnegie Hall, New York by Location Recorders
C.Y. Stephens Auditorium, Iowa State University by Cavern Sound Corp., Kansas City, Mo.
Masonic Auditorium, San Francisco by Wally Heider Recording
I never heard this album because I didn't really know anything about Groucho when it came out. After finding out more about him, it seemed like his biggest talent was when he interacted with other people, like on his show "You Bet Your Life." So I never really had much incentive to listen to this one.

Also I remember thinking at the time that the cover was beyond ugly. They missed the mark with that one. Just my two cents on that, I guess.

I also remember, at the time, being curious as to why A&M would want to release this. At the time it came out (1972) they were starting to foray into the rock world more.... vocal groups such as Carpenters, rock bands like Nazareth, Humble Pie, etc. and singer/songwriters like Carole King and Cat Stevens were becoming more of the focus, so this seemed almost like a throwback to the "old days." Was there a Groucho revival at that time maybe?
I also remember, at the time, being curious as to why A&M would want to release this.
Good point. Maybe someone was calling in a favor? I agree--right out of the gate it's pretty much a non-seller, and I can't see it being relevant to much of anything happening in the record industry at the time. Even that style of humor at that point in time was an anachronism.
I have a vague recollection of something of a Groucho renaissance in the early 70s. Like maybe he was visiting college campuses and being interviewed. I recall him wearing a beret to cover his balded head.
There was indeed a Groucho (and Marx Brothers) renaissance in the early 70s. You Bet Your Life re-emerged in syndication, Groucho started doing the talk show circuit and the Marx Bothers movie Animal Crackers was re-released after being in limbo for decades. Richard J Anobile wrote several books highlighting Groucho and the Marx Brothers which sold very well. Add to it a lawsuit by one of Groucho's female assistants arguing he failed to pay for sexual favors and >BOOM< it was a boon year for everything Marx (except maybe Karl... that came a few decades later, LoL)...

I became a Marx Brothers fan shortly before that when I was home sick a couple days in 5th grade and saw At The Circus and A Night at the Opera on one of LA's daytime classic movie programs (Ben Hunter maybe?). I fell in love with the puns and wordplay. For our school talent show may friends and I even wrote a short pun-riddled Marx Brothers-influenced skit called The Marx Brothers on a Trip to Uranus with all the pedantic, juvenile gags you can imagine on that! To this day I'm still a big fan!

--Mr. Bill
I have to say I liked groucho and the Marx Brothers in general one of my favorite lines of his " I never forget a name or face But in your case I'll make an exception " ( Drum roll please)
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