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Here is a tidbit from the trade industry magazine Radio & Records (page 16, August 8, 1975:
"Songwriter Michael Katakis is the first writer signed to The Carpenters publishing company, Hammer & Nails Music (ASCAP), it was announced by the A&M recording superstars, currently on a summer concert tour. Pictured are Hammer & Nails professional manager EdSulzer, Katakis, Karen Carpenter and Richard Carpenter."

Of course, this begs my question:
What is the scoop on this then-new Carpenters "publishing company." ?


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The first album on which Hammer and Nails Music is spelled out is A SONG FOR YOU from 1972. I'm totally guessing that that signing of Michael Katakis was the first "other" writer that signed with the duo's publishing company.

Earlier Richard Carpenter songs were initially credited to either Almo or Irving, both A&M in-house publishers.
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