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They need to correct those times. The US is on daylight savings time. And why would Central time get to see it before the rest of the world? (It should probably be 6PM CDT, not 4PM.)

Enjoy! I'll wait for a video download to purchase, or YouTube. 👍👍

Mike Blakesley

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No mention of Mountain time either, which is where I'm located. (That's been going on ever since the golden age of TV though... we always get left out. You'd think TV doesn't reach this region.)

I'm guessing it's 6:00 for us, or one hour later than Pacific/two hours earlier than Eastern. But yeah, the "standard time" notations definitely need to be fixed.

I doubt I'll be able to watch the Facebook event (with internet service around here, glitches are likely anyway) but will definitely be picking it up on BluRay.

People who DO watch the live event, please remember not to list any major spoilers during the first few weeks of release!
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