Looks like they knew how to spell it, after all :)


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Long timers here may remember the, um, vigorous debate over "mas" vs. "mais" here years ago. Hilariously, this same debate just cropped up on my own FB page when I posted a request from an audience member at a gig of mine, a scrap of paper that said "Mais que Nada -- Brazilian tune", which I joked "thanks for the clarification" on FB, only to have folks start to argue about the "mais" part. This of course raises the question as to why the album spelled it differently (the single had it "mas"), not to mention the "pronunciation guide".


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And even the single label spelled it correctly:

Mike Blakesley

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Considering Sergio's album helpfully provided a phonetic pronunciation on the album cover, I'm surprised that phonetic spelling didn't mistakenly make it into print a few times. "(Mash Kay Nada")
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