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New Herb interview


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Grammy.com has published a new interview with Herb where he talks about the Sunny Street album, his TikTok success and other issues...

- greetings from the north -
The closest I can get is month and year, but not day - Herb and Lani married in December 1973.
There is a thread topic here at the Forum by Aaron Bitman that explains the confusion regarding their wedding date. In a 2013 interview, Herb states that he and Lani were actually married 3 times...they married themselves once, were married by a rabbi and later in Hawaii by a priest. I'm guessing that the date most often given as December 16, 1973 was the self-marriage date, the March(?) 1974 date from the National Enquirer(I think...) was the rabbi version, and the December 1974 date was in Hawaii...

Maybe the powers that be could resurrect that old thread.
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