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  1. abstract_fan

    abstract_fan Active Member Thread Starter

    Out of Los Angeles, this atmospheric, echo saturated disc issued on the A&M records subsidiary, Omen Records has become quite the collectible double-sider among the Northern Soul scene requiring a nice stack of cash to obtain an original styrene copy.
    Recorded in December 1965 studio 'A' at Hollywood's Gold Star Studios and released in January 1966, the soulful lead vocals feature that of Brice Coefield. Most certainly not a newcomer to the music scene, Coefield lent his vocal talents to many groups over his career which include the Sabers, the Chavelles, the Gents, the Valiants, the Untouchables, the Alley Cats, the Happy Tones, the Electras and Africa.

    Hang in there until 23 seconds in.

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  2. abstract_fan

    abstract_fan Active Member Thread Starter

    Here's one produced by HA and Lou Adler back at Madison Records. The one above, Just One More Night, is an A&M Record - division, at least.

    What strikes me is how millions of people know HA - as the distinctive sounding trumpet player; but I am still in awe of how many days of HA's life have been spent in a recording studio in a composer and/or producer role, before and after the Tijuana Brass.

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