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Perry Como 1974 Christmas special with the Carpenters coming to DVD

I remember someone sending me an instant message on the forum back in 2003 (I won't say who) but that they had very good inside info that Richard may be releasing the Christmas specials on DVD or at least parts of them. I guess that went belly up!! :laugh::laugh:

I wonder if Richard has even considered this or are we just wishful thinking. I really think that Jeff hit the mark, a PBS special promotion would best suit this kind of release. Richard did a PBS promotion before and it would work on this type of release as well.
Yeah, a fan called in on Larry King 'Live' in 1986 when Richard was on, and asked if the Christmas specials would ever be released. He replied that there were no plans to do so at the present time, but that he thinks it might be a good plan, or something to that effect. Larry King chimed in and said, "I think people would take to it". He answered, "I tend to agree".

That was the last word on it as far as I know.
It's interesting to re-read Richard's comments on the liner notes of ATGB for the Como Medley. He says that they discovered the set was too long so the 1st 4 songs hit the cutting room floor. Then it sounds like Perry's management team let Richard have what wasn't mean for commercial release. Then says there is a bootleg on CD of a shorter version. So Richard stays on top of bootlegs? :laugh:

So we know that the CD version on ATGB is 6 mins 55 seconds. Will this new DVD contain this same time and be exactly what we hear on ATGB? or are we going to get something different on the DVD version? Are 4 songs going to be cut from the DVD version? :confused:
It's not that anything will be "cut" from the DVD, but I'm sure it will be the shorter version of that medley, as originally broadcast. And it will have a lot more Perry Como as Richard re-recorded some of Perry's parts for AS TIME GOES BY, and all in mono, of course.

I can imagine Richard viewing the clip of Karen & Kristy Mcnichol (in those silly outfits) singing "Christmas Alphabet" & getting totally turned off to the TV specials. Not Karen's finest TV moment,to say the least..

There is still plenty of material minus "Christmas Alphabet" (and others to get around the royalties) and Richard could supliment with a couple (but please, no more than that) of piano numbers such as "O Holy Night" and "Favorite Things." Richard could also have some fun with a couple more tunes by animating them in clay-mation al-la many childrens Christmas stories that make the rounds each year. But it would be great to have the other "straight" performances without the "schtick."
I liked "Christmas Alphabet!" Karen and Kristy are having a ball, and besides, it was on the Spike Jones Christmas Album (as was "Angel in the Christmas Play.") So there! :whistle: For that matter, "Happy New Year," though not on that album, was done by Spike Jones, and I thought it was amusing that the Carpenters did their own version in 1977.

I actually wrote to Richard a couple years ago about that very suggestion to just put out the "good parts" of the Christmas specials, possibly as a special for PBS, along with hoping-to-be-autographed CD covers to The Carpenters Christmas Collection and Spike Jones' Christmas album (which Richard wrote the liner notes for). Nothing, and now the CDs are naked. :sad:
Amazon lists 'Special Features' for the disc that will include a new featurette hosted by Richard Carpenter titled "Mr. C On TV", chronicling Como's decades of television popularity. It also lists other Como extras. This is great news that Richard agreed to be part of this new release!
Wow, I am actually shocked at this news, not that he wouldn't want to be apart of it but that he is involved in a DVD release and allowing their performances to be released. This could just change his mind about releasing future projects. The time has come. I hope this creates a stir with Carpenters fans to send Richard requests for future Carpenter releases that he is holding up.
I too am happy to hear of this news. Back in December 1974, I carefully set up a cassette recorder next to our tv in the downstairs recreation room. Our tv set did not have an audio jack out, so I had to tape the special live. After starting to tape the show, I ran upstairs to watch the special on our newer set.

Part way through, I noticed my father wasn't watching the special with the rest of the family. Where was he? I learned later that he was downstairs working on some handyman project. And yes, if I could find that old cassette tape, I believe that I'd still be able to hear the occasional whir of his circular saw over top of the Carpenters / Como medley. You have no idea how choked I was when I played back the tape after the show.

It took a few years, but eventually I did forgive my father. (Just kidding, it took only a day or two.) And when it came time to purchase another tv, I reminded my folks that an audio output jack was an absolute necessity.
No one should be ashamed by the content in the Carpenters TV specials, some of it maybe embarrassing for Richard, but these specials were filmed in the seventies, and family entertainment was about variety, to keep the viewers eyes glued to the box for an hour is no easy task.

The first time I saw K&R on TV was back in 1971 on the Andy Williams Show, and if I remember correctly (it was a long time ago), Karen had a comedy moment on the drums, anyone remember that?

I know Richard wants to preserve the studio sound of the Carpenters, and is not too keen on the visual aspect of their career, but I'm sure if Karen were alive today, she would have no problem in giving her consent to release their TV specials on DVD for the fans.
Karen and Richard appeared on many variety show and specials during their career. Which ones have actually been released to home video? (I'm not counting DVDs released under their own name like "Gold" and "Interpretations.")

The only ones I know of are:

Perry Como 1974 Christmas Special (to be released next month)
The 5th Dimension's Traveling Sunshine Show (released in 2003)
This Is Your Life - The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 1 (released in 2005)

I can confirm that they are NOT on any of the episodes that have been released from The Carol Burnett Show (through both Columbia House and Time Life) although I know they appeared at least a few times.
They are also NOT on any of the episodes that were released of Donny & Marie, Tony Orlando & Dawn, Sonny & Cher or Captain & Tennille, but I have no idea if they ever guested on any of those shows.

I know there have been DVD releases of some episodes of Andy Williams, Dean Martin, Ed Sullivan, Merv Griffin, The Tonight Show, Johnny Cash, Mike Douglas and a few others, but I don't know if any feature R&K. (I know they appeared on Andy Williams and The Tonight Show. The others I have no idea, but they were of the same era so they may have.)
Karen and Richard's appearance on 'The Ed Sullivan Show' from July, 1970, was released on DVD a few years ago as part of a rock and roll/pop compilation with other artists. You can also purchase it on I-Tunes, but the songs are truncated.

They never appeared on Donny and Marie, Captain and Tennille, Sonny and Cher or Tony Orlando and Dawn's series.
Thanks A&M Retro!

I found some used copies on Amazon a decent price. It's called "Ed Sullivan's Rock 'n' Roll Classics - Chart Toppers, Vol. 2 - Hits of 1968-1970." Need to pick that up.
Just spotted this on Amazon at the end of the description of the Perry Como DVD:

SPECIAL FEATURES: Mr. C On TV - new featurette hosted by Richard Carpenter, chronicling Como's decades
of television popularity. Additional songs: Perry sings Ave Maria and Christmas Carol Medley. Perry TV commercial and
newsreel footage.

So it seems that Richard has definitely had some involvement in this release. Wonder if that has implications for the quality of the soundtrack etc. Also, maybe it bodes well in terms of a possible move towards releasing other Carpenters TV specials(?)
Interesting....if RC had something to do with it my money is betting on he must've approved sound quality. I already have mine ordered with that hope
I guess you could also go the other route and say, he may just be sitting in a studio using his voice only to complete the new featurette, it's possible the featurette is not even a video but just voice over only and we could go futher and say he may not even want to look at himself or Karen on these performance. :laugh: I know drastic...but we know how he doesn't like video performance.

We will soon find out!! I've never wanted November to come so quickly!! :laugh:
I seem to remember something being written about Richard becoming rather closely associated with the Como estate during and after his work on AS TIME GOES BY, but I can't locate it.

I seem to remember something being written about Richard becoming rather closely associated with the Como estate during and after his work on AS TIME GOES BY, but I can't locate it.


I think you are right, Harry. I know that Richard wrote the liner notes and co-produced the Perry Como Complete RCA Christmas Collection from Real Gone Music that came out last year.
Looking forward to the Como DVD. Too bad this is the big Carpenters news for the year. Richard could do so much with his catalog. I wish I could get ahold of him and let him know what a goldmine he continues to ignor.
I have heard through a very reliable source that fan demand on RC and the record company have, for years, been incredible (for the TV specials.) And as far as the record company goes, there's no shame in their game...they would release it for the $$ tomorrow. RC has, for quite sometime, pondered on this and wondered how to release this and still do the CarpenterS legacy justice. Still a classy guy, he (RC) doesn't want to cement the bubble gum, toss aside, 70's novelty act image some people still regard them as. Releasing these specials they way they are may be what what we want but I can wait till RC finds the best way to present at least some of them. I just hope I don't die of old age before then. By the time they're released I won't remember how to work the DVD player

While deliberating, I hope he considers bonus audio tracks:
All My Life
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
I Don't Need You...
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