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Richard at the Hollywood Bowl Battle of the Bands 1975


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Hi all,

Does any of you have a copy of this LP? Or maybe even attended the event back in 1975?


A bit more info on the LP here and here too.

I keep wondering what songs were in the medley that Richard conducted. I guess this was his first time conducting an orchestra outside of being part of the Carpenters group?

I also wonder what Karen and Richard thought of the looks of the Hollywood Bowl when they performed there in '71 and '74. Throughout the '70s the stage looked so different from 1966 when they won their prizes as a trio. In the Summer of 1970, "cardboard" tubes were installed on the stage for better sound, so it was said. The iconic shell-look was practically invisible now. It wasn't until the Summer of 1980 that they removed the tubes and hung enormous balls everywhere...
You can see the difference on this photo from the 1960s and what it looked like in the 1970s and '80s (and onwards - scroll down for photos).

Here's what I could find in the Los Angeles Times newspapers of June 20 and June 23 ,1975.

Regarding that second clipping, this may have been the time that Richard and Tom Scott discussed working together, because Tom appeared on most of their records starting the following year on "A Kind of Hush" 🎷:cool:

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