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    While looking at something on the web about DIDX numbers on CDs, I found it curious that Herb Alpert's RISE has a DIDX number 3 - apparently just behind two Police albums at 1 and 2.

    Wondering if I had that early issue, I pulled out my old CD of RISE and sure enough, there was the DIDX 3 on the back insert in parentheses next to the catalog number. I looked this CD up on Discogs - it's CD 3714 - and mine is different from what's pictured there.

    My actual disc does not have a DIDX number - instead it looks more like the version for Germany as pictured on Discogs, but is missing the [GEMA] box and the (LCxxx) number. My disc was made in West Germany, yet it has the US catalog number of CD 3714, mirroring all the way to the hub, no bar code on the back, and a smooth-sided jewel case.

    I guess what happened was that West Germany's CD plant was pressed into service in addition to Japan to provide discs to the US at that early stage of the game. My inserts were printed in the US.

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    Looks like yours is a true Very early CD pressing of Rise as you have the CD 3714 Version however my A&M CD is a later issue Number CD 3274 the 3714 below it in parenthesis and has a slightly different label printing and no DIDX number but it does display the audio master plus logo and the pre 1984 A&M logo I believe mine is a later issue but it nice to see how the first CD issue of Rise began
  3. Rudy

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    Looks like a typical Polygram pressing from back in the day.
  4. Harry

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    Yep. But I found it odd that it wasn't on Discogs in this exact iteration.

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