📣 News Sergio Mendes - In The Key Of Joy - Japan Advance Release


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I see no information on the web as to where or when this documentary will play.
I see that all the time with documentaries. All this fuss about them, then they get screened in three places and are never seen again, or behind paywalls on video streaming sites. I would hope it is better than that awful Wrecking Crew doc that came across most like a mutual ego stroking session, chaotically edited and, well, just plain boring.


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Darn that 15-minute edit window! I had to get the phone....

I'm worried the documentary will be one-third Brasil '66 and two-thirds will.i.am & co.

I guessing no interviews with Karen or Janis..... and the Bell-Elektra years will be discreetly ignored. I hope not. As unsatisfying as most of the LPS from those years are, they are interesting in seeing how Sergio completely changed his sound and look to find a place in 1970s-80s pop.
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