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Yet that YouTube above, allegedly from vinyl, doesn't do anything for me sonic-wise.
With YouTube's audio being compressed (data compression), I doubt it will sound good on anything.

That original pressing of Casino Royale on vinyl is highly sought after for its sonic characteristics. I never did buy one, although I did see a pricey copy many years ago. I have the same soundtrack CD myself, primarily for the music.


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I did not want to continue the Casino Royale discussion here under a topic about South of The Border, but all the threads on the 1967 Casino Royale film music are closed to comments. A feature of this board I hate. (maybe Rudy can move these Casino comments to a different closed topic area).

For example on the closed thread titled "Casino Royale" vocalist I know the answer. Mike Redway, a British vocalist did the vocal used over the closing credits. Mike Redway stated he enjoyed working with Burt but he got no screen credit or on the album. He blames it on having a poor manager at that time. I verified this by email with Mike. Also before Herb was asked to do the theme it had been offered to Johnny Rivers who turned it down.

Mike Redway did the original theme recording in a campy British style (as directed by Bacharach) but it wasn't used.
Finally here is an article about the original vinyl soundtrack album, which I either still have someplace or used to have. I purchased it when the movie came out, later I bought the Varese Sarabande VSD-5265 Cd which everyone else has.
'Casino Royale' Is an LP Bond With a Gilt Edge

There is an expanded two CD set now available.


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Getting back on the topic of South of the border I recently bought the HAP download version ( along with many others to fill up my SD CARD and after listening to it I agree with Harry's review it's more like The A&M version on CD ( which I also own along with the shout factory cd) although there are differences as I always Say They are all Equally enjoyable and are meant to be savored on their own merits It's Just Simply A Great album Period.


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That's true. The backing tracks were sent from London and Herb and Co. added what they needed to finish off the track.
I interviewed both Herb and Burt on this subject and both were very clear that Harry's post is absolutely correct.
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