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The Carpenters Story - UK Tour 2020


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I’ve just booked up to see this show in London in April. Tickets are reasonably priced for anyone in the UK who wasn’t aware this show was touring. An added bonus for me is that one of the songs in the set list is “A Song For You” :)



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I saw this show a couple of years ago. I really enjoyed listening to the songs played live and particularly since Claire sang “NOW” I thought they were very respectful on how the show was put together and Claire didn’t try emulate Karen’s voice or character. She sings them in her own style and has a lovely voice.
The only negative I had was when she sat behind the drums and played a little,
presumably to highlight that they were Karen’s first love! It just didn’t seem to fit in with the particular song they were playing(can’t remember which one)! This year looks like a slightly different show. I’m waiting to see if they do a date near me. I would certainly go again. Enjoy Newvillefan!


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I’ve seen this show 2 times previously and seeing them again in a few months time. I think it’s a brilliant show with a great choice of songs on the playlist
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