The TJB Medical Titles Thread


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With all of the medical and equipment names being thrown around in the hospital, what better time for some TJB titles altered to a medical theme.

I'll start with "Acupunture 1922"
"Memories Of Covid"
"What Next, My Doc"


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"The Medicine Shuffle"

BMB too:

"In a Very Close Vein"


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Tijuana Triple Bypass
The Lonely Bowl
What Now, My Nurse

Looks like you’re doing okay!
Hope you’re home soon.

Mike Blakesley

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“Spanish Flu”
“I’m Getting Mental Over You”
“It Was a Very Good Cure”

and from The Beat of the Brass:


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Hospital Butter(ball) ...OK, that one was a stretch. 😁

You Scream -- The I.V. Begins
Colon Island
Legend of the One-Eyed Surgeon
A Song for Hurt
Suturing with Maria
Lumbago Rock
Miss Frenchy Bedpan
Shades of Bile
Tracheotomy of San Miguel
Gotta Lotta Lavage To Do
Wade in the Waiting Room
A Bandaid
My Heart Belongs to Doctor
The Transplant Song
The Hiccuping
Flu Bug
The Lobe Nest
Talk to the Enemas
This Germ's In Love with You
Goiter Talk
Good Morning, Mr. Surgeon
Hurts So Bad (that one didn't need any translation!)
Montezuma's Revenge (likewise!)
Prognosis, Prognosis
Sweet Gullet Brown
Mexican Reflux Race
The Wart Song
More and More Ammonia
And the Angiitis Sings


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The Colorectal
To Wait for Lunch ... (Jello cubes again?)

This one fits the theme, as is:

Don't Go Breaking My Heart ... ('cause if you do, Doctor, my friends at A&M Corner will be very disappointed, and trust me, Doctor, you do not want to disappoint those people, capisce?) 😉


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But "Your Heart Belongs To Daddy." Must've been a match...

Mike Blakesley

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This thread reminds me of one of George Carlin's old "WINO Radio" jokes:

"And later on, we'll be listening in on some medical records: 'Won't You Take My Heart,' by The Donors; and, 'My Body Is Rejecting Your Heart,' by The Recipients!"


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Here's a couple . Lozenges and Robitussin ( lollipops and roses)
Up Coronary Street ( Up cherry street)
Pretty hard to think of more but this is what I've come up with so far


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I've Grown Accustomed to your Mask
Angelito de Muerte
All My Ventilators
A Taste of Remdesivir
It Was a Very Good Incision
Magic Scalpel
Five Nurses More
Our Bill Will Come
Colostomy Bag
Gotta Lotta Restin' To Do
Town Without Pretty Nurses
Let It Be Meat
Surgeon From Seville
Sufferin' Senorita
Tijuana Taxidermist
Hello Doctor!
WithA Little Help From Medicaire
A Beautiful Nurse
She Drugged Me
Thanks For the Novocaine
Gastro Talk
I'll Be Bloody
The Mortician Melody
Catch A Falling Limb
Stitch Up The Band
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