30th anniversary of Janet Jackson's "Control"


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"CONTROL" was Janet Jackson's Big Breakthru Album. Her Videos were all over MTV and Radio was buzzing with it. I think this was her very best album IMO. A True Classic


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After her first two albums, I never thought I'd see another by her. Her first one had a hit ("Say You Do") that sort of copied her brother's hit "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," and the other two that got airplay didn't do much. The second album Dream Street IMHO was sort of a dud--not that the music was bad, but nothing really stood out. She just needed a good producer, and getting Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on board really supercharged her career. They grew out of the Minneapolis scene and the Prince organization (they were members of The Time), and had success producing others before they took on Jackson.

I do have to say that after the second and third tracks on the album, I was hooked. Its sequel Rhythm Nation also had a great lineup of tracks. The "video" remix of "Black Cat" was unique in that Jam and Lewis decided to get Jellybean Johnson (drummer from The Time) to produce it, and give it that hard rock/metal edge. Nuno Bettencourt (of Extreme) provided guitar on the video mix and radio edit, which hits harder than the album version.

I lucked out in getting all of the 12" singles from both of these albums, as they were released. "Nasty" has a Cool Summer Mix, which of course was the inspiration for a similar mix of Herb's "Diamonds."

Control needs some attention here at Casa Rudy this coming week, methinks...
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