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ABC's George Pennacchio covers "LEGACY" following the AMA's

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ABC's George Pennacchio did a wonderful story following the AMA's last night... thanks to my coauthor @Mike Cidoni Lennox for pulling yet another one out of his hat!



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Question: Was that abc7 NY, abc7 L.A., abc 7 Chicago, or one of the many other abc7s that exist out there?

One of the failings of radio and TV websites is that they rarely identify their city of license.

I suspect the above was 7 Los Angeles.

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I think this is my favorite book interview yet! : ) And I agree with Gary Alan with the little plug for 'All You Get From Love Is A Love Song'. That is my personal favorite Carpenters single.

David A

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I KNOW this is wrong, but why does the over-voice sound so much like Randy Schmidt to me?

Anyway, loved this interview and really am enjoying overall, the attention the new book is bringing to the Carpenters legacy. It is eminently deserved.
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