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📣 News Acoustic Sounds announces vinyl/SACD reissue series for Atlantic Records' 75th anniversary

This was announced just last week and has been making a few waves.


Celebrating 75 Years of Atlantic Records:
The Analogue Productions (Atlantic Series)
In honor of the 75th Anniversary of Atlantic Records, we're thrilled to unveil the "75 for 75" series. This is not just a product but an experience — a curated collection of 75 premium titles from the historic Atlantic Records' vault. Each title is a testimony to the golden era of music, capturing the essence of some of the greatest artists ever known.​
What makes the Analogue Productions (Atlantic Series) special?​
Limited and Numbered: This subscription set ensures exclusivity, preserving the sanctity of this unique collection.​
180-gram 45 RPM double LPs: Each title is meticulously curated and pressed, offering a premium listening experience.​
Expert Remastering: The series is blessed with the craftsmanship of renowned mastering engineers, including legends like Bernie Grundman, Ryan K. Smith, Kevin Gray, Chris Bellman, and Matthew Lutthans at Blue Heaven Studios.​
Top-Notch Pressing: Every record is pressed at Quality Record Pressings and RTI, ensuring unparalleled quality.​

Artistic Packaging: The albums come in tip-on old style gatefold double pocket jackets with film lamination, marrying aesthetics with durability.​
About the "75 for 75" Series: Starting later this year, Analogue Productions and Acoustic Sounds will release two Atlantic LP titles per month. This grand series will span over three years, summing up to 75 iconic records. While each double LP title will retail for $60, there will be a special edition comprising four LPs for $120. The series includes timeless artists like Genesis, Ray Charles, Stone Temple Pilots, Otis Redding, Foreigner, Crosby Stills & Nash, and many more.​
This is more than a series; it’s a journey through musical history. Analogue Productions and Acoustic Sounds are deeply honored to be a part of this monumental reissue series. We promise to deliver records of unmatched quality, staying true to the legacy of Atlantic Records. Dive in and relish the musical excellence of an era gone by!​

Chad Kassem introduces the series:

Some details about this historic series:
  • We will be using the best mastering engineers in the world, including Bernie Grundman, Ryan K. Smith, Kevin Gray, Chris Bellman and Matthew Lutthans. There will be various reasons why we may choose different mastering engineers for individual projects as we aim to make this the absolute highest quality series.
  • While our plan is to do two titles per month, there are a lot of variables that go into these productions. For that reason, we ask for your patience as we realize that the series could extend beyond our initial projections.
  • We will be using the original, analog master tapes for these reissues. But there are a few newer artist titles that were recorded to hi-res digital. For those titles, we will of course cut from the digital masters. And there may be a few older titles for which the absolute analog master tape is no longer available or is in poor condition. In those cases, we will use a tape copy if we determine that it is the absolute best available source. In all such cases, we will disclose the source used in the mastering.
  • As we get into working on these 75 titles, there may be a couple of substitutions. For example, we may get to a record for which we can't find a suitable source. In that type of scenario, we would select a different top title.
  • Each release will be packaged in the highest-quality tip-on gatefold jacket. Most will be provided by Stoughton Printing, but because of paper shortages and delays, we may need to find other high-quality printers to provide some jackets.
  • While we are committed to releasing 75 of the greatest titles from this historic label, each individual project is subject to the approval of the artist's management. We are still hard at work on clearing some titles.
Artist and Titles That Are Currently Included in The Series (subject to change):
  • Genesis: Nursery Cryme, Foxtrot, Selling England By The Pound, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, A Trick Of The Tail, Abacab, Genesis
  • Phil Collins: Face Value, Hello, I Must Be Going!
  • John Coltrane: Giant Steps, Coltrane Jazz, My Favorite Things, Bags & Trane (w/ Milt Jackson), Ole Coltrane, Coltrane Plays The Blues, Coltrane’s Sound
  • Ray Charles: Ray Charles, The Great Ray Charles, What’d I Say, The Genius Of Ray Charles, The Genius After Hours
  • Bad Company: Bad Company, Straight Shooter, Run With The Pack, Burnin’ Sky, Desolation Angels
  • Charles Mingus: Pithecanthropus Erectus, The Clown, Blues & Roots, Oh Yeah!
  • Yes: The Yes Album, Fragile, Close To The Edge, 90125
  • Otis Redding: Otis Blue/Otis Redding Sings Soul, The Otis Redding Dictionary Of Soul, The Soul Album, The Dock Of The Bay
  • Foreigner: Foreigner, Double Vision, Head Games, 4
  • Crosby Stills & Nash: Crosby, Stills & Nash, Déjà Vu (w/Neil Young), CSN, Daylight Again
  • Buffalo Springfield: Buffalo Springfield, Buffalo Springfield Again
  • Dr. John: Gris Gris, In The Right Place, Dr. John’s Gumbo
  • Stone Temple Pilots: Core, Purple
  • Plus, More To Come…

I see a few interesting titles among those already chosen. The Genesis titles, especially the post-Peter Gabriel era albums, are on my short list, as are the first two Phil Collins albums (which for now are vinyl-only, due to licensing). Chad has hinted there may be more beyond the 75 titles chosen here--I hope the Genesis album Duke is a future consideration, as it is a 55-minute album and has never had a good vinyl release.

It's nice to see such a wide swath of the catalog represented. The Exciting Wilson Pickett is on the preorder list, as well as the INXS album Kick. A couple of Coltrane's records are tempting also, as well as Dr. John.

SACD or vinyl? A couple of my must-have titles will be on 45 RPM vinyl, where the rest I will probably stick to the SACD. Also, many of these titles were already reissued in high-res by Atlantic, so in many cases that will be good enough. Some of those older soul albums from Atlantic's early years still sound excellent.

The first two 45 RPM vinyl sets being released October 6th are Face Value and the self-titled John Prine.
The first three titles already released are:

Phil Collins - Face Value (vinyl only)
John Prine - John Prine (vinyl + SACD)
Charles Mingus - Blues & Roots (vinyl + SACD)

The release schedule for the remainder of the year includes the other Phil Collins title (Hello, I Must Be Going) and two Genesis titles (Selling England and Lamb).

November 3
Genesis - Selling England By The Pound
Dr. John - In The Right Place
Foreigner - Foreigner

December 8
Bad Company - Bad Company
Phil Collins - Hello, I Must Be Going!
Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

A note about the releases--all for now are vinyl + SACD except for the two Phil Collins titles which are vinyl only. In addition, the Collins titles were only able to be licensed for one year, so anyone wanting either of these only has a short time before they go out of print. Initial impressions of Face Value are very positive--they knocked this one out of the park.

Chad's most recent video explained why a lot of artists are not represented in the series. This is because the titles were initially licensed to Atlantic but the label no longer has the rights to them. Or in other cases, the recordings reverted back to the artists.

One thing he didn't answer directly was the source of the masters for all of the Genesis titles. All of them were remixed by Nick Davis circa 2006, and the band intended the remixes to become the official versions from that point forward. (So if you've bought a recent version of a Genesis album or streamed it, that explains why they don't sound right.) The Peter Gabriel era albums don't sound too bad, but the Phil era is horrible--the dynamics are squeezed out of the songs.

All Chad mentioned was that some of the Genesis titles were being pressed using metal parts from the now-defunct Classic Records masterings. So whichever those are, they predated the remixes. Others need to be cut, so fingers are crossed they are the originals.

Face Value is on the way to me, and I will also get Hello, I Must Be Going! once it is released. I'm not a big enough fan of Lamb, but Selling England is probably the one Peter Gabriel-era title I get. I have an old 80s-era Mobile Fidelity cut of Trick of the Tail so I don't know if I'll get that one or not (it does have a lot of dynamics and fine detail), but Abacab for sure is on my list. I would have preferred Duke over Genesis, though, as Duke has never had a good vinyl pressing its entire lifespan (it's near 55 minutes long).
I do have the remaster of Phil Collins "Face Value" (2 CD Deluxe Edition) which came out a few years ago!! I did remaster the songs & download on Apple iTunes with a blank Vertabim or Staples CD, put in a jewel case & copied from the printer because when Atlantic did the old material which was put out in 1984 - 1988, the sound quality was awful!!! So I remaster on Apple iTunes, "The Ultimate Rascals" (came out in 1986 BUT I remastered the 20 songs on 1 CD), Percy Sledge "The Ultimate Collection" (20 songs on 1 CD) from 1986 & The Otis Redding Story from 1987 (all 60 songs on 3 CD's).
I'll have to report on the Atlantic 75 titles I have already. But just yesterday, I saw an update from Chad about the 2024 release schedule. The INXS album will be out mid-year, but it's being pressed from a tape copy, so I don't know if I would bother with that one. The next in Genesis-related releases won't come until the end of the year, when Trick of the Tail, Foxtrot and Nursery Cryme will be released. Abacab, though, won't come until 2025, as well as The Exciting Wilson Pickett.

I'm debating Dr. John. I've liked a few of his songs and have already earmarked In The Right Place for further listening. That is already out, and Dr. John's Gumbo is coming this year, another album that is a favorite of many.

Lots of Coltrane coming this year, for those who are fans.

Here's Chad's announcement video.

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