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Official Review [Album]: "CARPENTERS" S/T (SP-3502)


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I remember going into a used record store and seeing the CARPENTERS album with the photo on the front was quite a surprise:

I never bought the LP, but in later years I bought the CD hoping it would have the original mixes of particularly "Superstar". But it had the same remixes as the A&M CD in the States.
I recently bought a West German pressing of this album and it has this cover.


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The artwork on the 1971 'Carpenters' album was presented differently in some countries. The photo appeared on the outer jacket with the logo in a number of territories. The envelope idea was dispensed with, so the jacket was the standard type. The same thing happened with 'Horizon'.

For some time, I couldn't work out why some people called this 'The Tan Album', until I saw the US jacket.

Not surprisingly, US CD releases of the album have included the tan jacket, whereas the Spectrum CD through Karussel, released in some other countries, uses the design with the large photo and logo.

Incidentally, earlier pressings of the 'Carpenters' record in my area in the early- to mid-70s included a gold sticker with 'Gold Record Award' or similar on it.
I’ve never seen a Horizon album without the flap.


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Most European territories got the Tan album without the fold-out sleeve and with the photo on the cover. It's a shame as although the US sleeve isn't the most inventive, it does have a certain simplicity in its design. The photo is awful - Richard has complained about the photo on the cover of the Close to You album, but to my mind this one is far worse than that.

I think a reissue in the 1980s of the Horizon LP dispensed with the cover flap, although I've never seen an original 1975 copy without it. I've also seen a 1980s reissue of Now and Then in a single non-gatefold sleeve - presumably it was considered ro be too much work to re-create the original album artwork (the same is true of the LP reissue of The Singles 1974-1978, which dropped the gold foil sleeve and used a facsimile design on regular card).


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Looking at this thread reminded me of another gem of a song:
Let Me Be The One.
This is an interesting song for many a reason.
Happily it appears on (amongst other compilations)
Carpenters Gold 35th Anniversary (which I am presently listening to).


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Some info gleaned from the 40th-Liner Notes (for those who do not have it):
Richard Carpenter writes:
"One Love" was written in 1967 (while we--John Bettis and I--were
employed at Disneyland) and originally called "Candy."
About the Bacharach/David Medley: "...we couldn't take the time and record the entire medley
at the proper tempos, along with an orchestration I had fashioned."


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That’s what made Live such a gift. They took the time then. On the album, the enerergy and excitement is created and it is good. My favorite section of the medley is on the Music music music TV Special.


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I must say, renewed appreciation when I watch and listen to
the Bacharach Medley on Make You Own Kind Of Music.
Karen adds a distinct drum "hit" at the very end of the Bacharach Medley (8:12)
(along with Richard's different piano-take on One Love, 8:33).
Fun watching:

Carpe diem

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^^That piano variation that Richard inserts into One Love is so good it makes you wonder why it wasn't there in the studio recording on the "Tan Album".

Also, another observation from this video clip is that this must've been at the moment the management was trying to get Karen up from behind the drum kit. There is a marked difference in her demeanor of pure joy playing drums on the Bacharach Medley and her mechanical hand movements and general stiffness being out in front (even on a pre-recorded tv show with canned laughter/applause & lip-syncing).
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