🎵 AotW Bell & James - ONLY MAKE BELIEVE (SP-4784)

bell & james -- make believe.jpgBell & James

A&M SP-4784


Shakedown 5:00
(Babe) You Don't Love Me Like You Should 4:15
Only Make Believe 5:27
Stay 4:28

Say It's Gonna Last Forever 4:54
Laughing in the Face of Love 4:12
Nobody Knows It 4:31
Fare Thee Well 5:11

Produced by & all songs written by Leroy Bell (drums, guitar) & Casey James (guitar, bass, keyboards)
Thom Bell, executive producer

Guest musicians include Ernie Watts, Jerry Hey, Jeff Baxter, Chuck Rainey, Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams & The Jones Girl.

SP 4784 was released in Nov. 1974 and was in the Billboard Top 200 for four weeks, peaking at Number 125.


Shouldn't that be the Jones Girls? (Unless of course it was a low-budget production and could only afford one of them:)).
This album was such a disappointment--very fine musically, and "Livin' It Up (Friday Night)" was a major dance club hit (one of the first 12" singles I bought BTW), but I don't know if radio just didn't like this one, or A&M did nothing to promote it. I never heard any of these tracks on the radio when the album was released.

Maybe if those other Jones Girls were in the group, it would have made the big time. :D
Mine is buried in one of 14 boxes of LPs in the basement, so I can't check it here. Maybe my "twin" can check--he probably has this one... :wink:
You never know--with Bell & James being a new(er) act, they very well could have only afforded one Jones Girl. :D

You're right though, it turns out it's just a typo on the one site.

Funny, but I keep thinking of the Mary Jane Girls whenever I see the name Jones Girls. The Mary Jane Girls were Rick James' "girl group."
I've uploaded the complete album and attached it to the first post in this AotW entry.
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