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I have a Bryan Adams' 1985 single 'Christmas Time' which was issued on green vinyl by A & M Records. I'm after info related to the background to this release which according my info was released as a green vinyl 7" inch single in the US and Canada only. There is no info anywhere about how many pressings were made, or whether other territories also had a green vinyl release or any other related info. Any further info anyone can provide me about this green vinyl single will be much appreciated.


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According to Discogs, there were several US issues of the green vinyl, plus the one up in Canada. None appear to be very rare or sought-after as their value seems to be a few bucks depending on condition. There were two different picture sleeves, but even that doesn't make a difference in value.

Even the so-called limited edition versions seem plentiful, but the biggest value comes from a 3" CD issued in Japan that's listed as a $60 - $100 item.

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