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Carpenters music in the movies


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What movies have used Carpenters music in a scene?

If possible, please share the scene.

Rick-An Ordinary Fool

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The Carpenters, Rainy Days and Mondays was played in a scene from a TV movie from 1991 called "US". It was Michael Landon's last tv movie before he passed away. In the movie he plays a character that has just been release from 18 yrs in prison and was determined he was innocent. In the scene he has headphones on listening to Karen Carpenter sing this awesome song. It's actually Karen so rights must have been obtained. A great actor and singer we both lost too early.

JUMP TO TIME 5:17 to see the small clip below. It was broadcast in English but this upload is another language.


AM Matt

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Homer Simpson date with Marge back in 1973 when the Carpenters was on the radio doing "Close To You" but then Homer switches the song to the Steve Miller Band "The Joker" instead. Yep, Homer sang "The Joker" during the closing credits. (not sure which year either in 1991 or 1992 when FOX aired that episode). Matt Clark Sanford, MI


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Apparently the Carpenter’s version of “Calling Occupants” was in the theatrical version of the X-Men movie “The Wolverine”. I never saw it in theatres and the home video releases feature a different artist singing it.
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John Tkacik

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A piece of SUPERSTAR is played in the movie GHOST RIDER. Nicholas Cage's character, Johnny Blaze, is a Carpenters fan in the movie.


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So far, the list of songs used in movies and on TV include: Top of the World, Superstar, Rainy Days and Mondays, We've Only Just Begun, Calling Occupants, and Close to You. And if we want to expand the Movie/TV definition, let's not forget about the Aquafina commercial! I don't know about anyone else but, seeing this thread, it does surprise me at the amount of Carpenters music that has been used in popular culture; even though I knew about almost all of these. There's something about seeing them all put together in one spot that's kind of amazing to me. And knowing Richard is somewhat miserly about licensing their work, I wonder how many other times and in what capacity their music could live on?


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On the tv series According To Jim, with James Belushi ,which I watch at work most afternoons on LAFF TV here. Mostly 80’-90’s sitcoms. The pregnant sister in law goes into labor and he has to go with her to the hospital He’s being accommodating to her, feeling guilty about sending her husband away to Africa. She wants some music to play while in labor and tells him it needs to be soothing. To go get the Carpenters mix cd she made for the occasion. He starts to go get it, but the baby starts coming so he starts singing “Why do birds suddenly appear....” I was a bit surprised, but loved it. Sorry for the long set up. It’s season 6, the Episode is called Deliverance.


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Carpenters’ recording of ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ was in the cinema version of ‘Muriel’s Wedding’.
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