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Clairo cites the Carpenters as her biggest influence


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In a recent interview with Vogue, Clairo credits our duo as being a major influence. Here's the money quote:

I can definitely hear shades of Carole King and Paul Simon, but also a lot of Todd Rundgren and Carly Simon. Who are some of your other musical influences?

You just named two of them but the Carpenters were the biggest influence on me. I think Karen Carpenter is one of the best vocalists ever. I just bought this Carpenters fan-club book on eBay–I think it’s from ’77 when they were promoting Now & Then–and it has so many photos and little quotes from them on tour. The last page of the book had a ton of merch, like t-shirts and bumper stickers and a watch with their faces on it. It’s in perfect condition and I love it so much.


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my two favs here 🥺🥺 i also love clairo a lot so this made me super happy!! clairo also put love me for what i am on her spotify playlist. her musics are great, especially management and amoeba from her new album sling!
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