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⭐ Official Review [Compilation]: "THE SINGLES, 1974-1978"


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Mine was bought recently from a guy in England but it was listed as new, shrink wrapped and in immaculate condition. It says Made in France by PMDC. Which is Polygram Manufacturing and Distribution Centers (PMDC). And it says INTL: 399-017-2, UK CDA 19748. LC 0485, PY 900. I thought mine said Polygram when I opened it, and it has the simplified Polygram A&M logo, where records is printed outside the squared A&M logo. But I threw away the stuff that was on the foil, and I can’t remember what it advertised. I like the bit of history this collection represents even though it’s just a collection of album releases and not the actual single releases. (It is a great cover design as an album and remember once long ago seeing the original album cover as an import.) It would have been perfect with the single releases for nothing else in 1978 had them and only on the Complete Singles collection released just a few years ago does it happen, that I know of. Karen’s voice is a treasure regardless of the version.


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The LP had single mixes of "Please Mr. Postman" and "I Won't Last A Day Without You", but the later CD editions substituted the album versions.

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Disc is Mfg. by Cinram, per the matrix!

Full matrix reads: #910618BB VPCD-19748 MFG BY CINRAM

Cat. No. is VPCD 19748
My CD is exactly the same as this ^^

I also have the LP and the vinyl sounds really good, crisp yet warm. The gold foil (mine's in excellent shape) with embossed logo really makes this album cover stand out on LP. Very classy design!!


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I was through my CD’s and it does appear that Cinram was stamping the dates that the pressed the CD’s on the disc, since I’m seeing the same numbers in the same YY-MM-DD format with the exception of one CD—-the Carpenters “Lovelines” that inexplicable contains a “P” at the start of 91017NN. Maybe that was a typo I’m not sure. But my copy of the 1985 Carpenters YOM CD set shows a late-1996 printing, the “fat boy” version of “Christmas Collection” indicates that ‘Christmas Portrait’ was pressed on October 24, 1996, while ‘An Old-Fashioned Christmas’ was pressed on October 22, 1996.

My Columbia House CD’s of both “Christmas Portrait Special Edition” & “Singles 1969-1973” both have dates from different points in 1992.

Maybe this will help track down when the 69-73 underwent its Canadian Remaster and got the 1985 remix of “Yesterday Once More”.


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The LP had single mixes of "Please Mr. Postman" and "I Won't Last A Day Without You", but the later CD editions substituted the album versions.
Wow, that’s excellent! I never knew! I once had a cassette tape but can’t remember what it had. I might have to search for an album.


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Billboard November 11, 1978:
"A & M U.K. is to spend around $600,000 on a television advertising campaign for the Carpenters "Singles, 1974 -78" package.
A similar amount is being laid out on promotion for Neil Diamond's "20 Golden Greats" by EMI's Licensed Repertoire Division.
"Both are record sums spent by the companies. They spearhead a tremendous build -up in small screen advertising through the
pre Christ mas "spending spree" when some 50 albums are getting this treatment."
"The Carpenters' package receives national tv exposure from Nov. 15, along with 750 in -store window displays,
commercial radio action
, trade press advertising, posters and a mass of merchandising material."
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