Did Karen and/or Richard ever have any encounters with members of the Monkees?

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I thought about this after seeing "The Brady Bunch" episode "Getting Davy Jones." In one scene, Marcia Brady tells her girlfriends that, as president of the local Davy Jones Fan Club, she's sure she can get him to perform at their high school. One of them jokingly says ""Well why just Davy Jones? How about the Beatles, the 5th Dimension and the Carpenters, too?

Did Karen and/or Richard ever meet Davy, Peter, Mike or Micky? If so, when and where?

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I’m not entirely sure if they did meet, but seeing as The Monkees broke up in 1970, I would assume not; as that was when Karen and Richard first became successful. I suppose they likely could have encountered any of the members of The Monkees individually after that, but I haven’t heard of any examples of this. I’m sure they would have had to have known about each other, though.

(P.S. I love The Brady Bunch. Classic 1970s sitcom. I haven’t seen that one episode, but I’m pretty sure Davy Jones was actually in it, right?)

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The Brady Bunch episode "Getting Davy Jones" on December 10, 1971. The song "Girl" was only released as a Bell Records 45 mono single, later in the motion picture opening credits of the 1971 movie "The Star Spangled Girl" starring Sandy Duncan. The song can be found on "The Complete Bell Recordings" on Apple iTunes.
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